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prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute

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This contract concerns the appointment of a statutory auditor and his deputy, to exercise the statutory audit engagement of the financial statements and, as part of a co-statutory auditor for Batigere Northeast .
If found guilty of statutory rape, or "Statutory Sexual Seduction" per Nevada Revised Statutes, prison time, fines, and being identified as a sex offender for life are all possible.
A statutory warning for every scene showing Kareena Kapoor smoking will have to be displayed in the film.
Since the House of Lords Select Committee report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2000 suggesting a statutory regulation for herbal medicine and acupuncture, the Government has worked to introduce such regulation for over 10 years.
There is no minimum length of service requirement to qualify for statutory sick pay.
You could pur-suthe debt through the County Court, serve a statutory demand or simply just write it off.
2001-46, (6) in which the IRS concluded that it treat the merger of a newly created subsidiary into T, followed by the merger of T into P, as a single statutory merger of T into P that qualifies as a tax-free reorganization under Sec.
The Statutory Auditor is an individual trusted by the company and must not be someone employed there.
EUROPEAN Union (EU) rules on statutory audits have been approved by the EU Council of Ministers, which has accepted all European Parliament amendments to a proposed directive.
The statutory reserve calculated by this method significantly exceeds the economic reserve, which is based on the insurer's realistic actuarial assumptions.
5 million hours due to a combination of program changes resulting from statutory requirements and discretionary program changes made by the agencies in response to important national priorities, including enhancing homeland security, increasing transparency of financial transactions, and ensuring the quality of the nation's food supply.
It is now well-settled that when an individual employee agrees to submit all employment-related disputes to arbitration, the Federal Arbitration Act mandates that the agreement stands "on the same footing as other contracts" and is enforceable with respect to statutory discrimination claims.
WPK's president, Hubert Graf von Treuberg, says: "The new law will contribute to more transparency and confidence in the work of statutory auditors in Germany.
During ordinary maternity leave, employees will continue to accrue their statutory holiday entitlement of four weeks' paid leave per year.
School counselors' struggles may, in part, be a result of confusion over the legal specifics that distinguish the sex crimes of statutory rape, rape, and sexual abuse, and the concomitant legal and ethical duties for each.