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prescribed or authorized by or punishable under a statute

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This statutory combined trade ratio is not prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and reflects the operating results of all insurance company subsidiaries and affiliates of Employers Mutual, including the insurance subsidiaries of the Company.
Additional year-end 2017 statutory financial information released by Employers Mutual included premiums written growth of 3.
However, to be protected you must have made it clear to your employer which statutory right you asked for.
What other steps can I take to enforce a statutory right?
In order to give autonomy to the Public Sector Banks (PSBs) on the issue of selection and appointment of Statutory Central Auditors (SCAs) the work of selection and appointment of SCAs henceforth has been delegated to individual PSBs for the year 2014-15 onwards" an official statement said.
Number of statutory auditors varies based on the size of the balance sheet of a bank.
If found guilty of statutory rape, or "Statutory Sexual Seduction" per Nevada Revised Statutes, prison time, fines, and being identified as a sex offender for life are all possible.
Victims of statutory rape often suffer such consequences as dropping out of school, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, low contraceptive use, sexually transmitted diseases, and teen pregnancy.
Therefore, it is vital that nurses are informed about statutory rape law, since statutory sexual seduction is considered sexual abuse (NRS 432B.
A statutory warning for every scene showing Kareena Kapoor smoking will have to be displayed in the film.
Yes we've instructed the makers of heroine to put statutory warnings wherever the heroine is shown smoking," a CBFC source said, (http://daily.
There is no minimum length of service requirement to qualify for statutory sick pay.
In relation to statutory sick pay the entitlement is not linked to their actual salary.
court awarded the copyright owner statutory damages of $20,000 per work,
he had a right to a jury trial on the issue of statutory damages, and