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Within that single system of jurisprudence, the basic law of the Constitution provides the authority for the enactment of valid statute law and may have effect on the content of the common law.
Coherence within and between the common law and the statute law is an aspiration.
He shows that Baldus's opinion strongly supports the supremacy of statute law over the expansion of authority and increasing of penalties, in particular confiscation of property, by use of the ius commune.
In the first part of the book, Trevor Dean assesses five types of sources: trial records, which reveal considerable variations in criminal activities and official responses from one locale to the next; chronicles, whose narratives betray complex and often ambivalent attitudes toward different crimes and the officials who punished them; fictional works, which reflect "popular" perceptions toward crime and punishment (and often contain details absent from other sources); statute law, which exposes oft-changing "official" views of crime in society; and consilia, in which established legal experts weighed in on crime and justice.
Material on common law and statute law pertaining to dead bodies and autopsies in general has been added to the discussion of legal aspects.
Certainly not the Copyright libraries, Aberystwyth included, who by virtue of an uncharacteristically new-age addition to statute law, got a free copy of everything.
The first half of Crime and Justice in Late Medieval Italy treats the variety of sources with which the historian of crime must come to terms: trial records, chronicles, fiction, statute law, and consilia.
The Statute Law (Repeals) Bill is to scrap some 260 Acts of Parliament and parts of a further 68.
The equitable maxim that equity follows the law explains that equity does not replace statute law or common law.
Henry and his successors thwarted statute law, also by using it to determine the legitimate heir to the throne.
Oxford University Press produces 23 other legal journals including such titles as "Industrial Law Journal," "Medical Law Review," "Statute Law Review" and "Journal of Environmental Law."
Another first for Olitalia is the weighing-filler technology, which can be relied on to automatically assure the minimum fill quantity laid down by statute law. This line, commissioned in August 2006, also marks the first time that Olitalia has enjoyed the advantages of single-sourcing.
The necessity that the case involves substantial goods was not spelled out in statute law until 1487, 3 Henry VII, c.
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First, he determines that state law, including its common law as well as its statute law, should apply in cases governed by section 34 when federal law is silent.