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In this way, whilst the supremacy of (valid) statute law must of course be acknowledged and respected, the common law insisted that any interference with or deprivation of individual rights and interests must occur only through lawful and fair processes.
Coherence within and between the common law and the statute law is an aspiration.
I argue that if the Court had of just altered their goal from the protection of industry to the protection of employees rights, they could have produced a case which would have inhered to positive tendencies in future decisions which both respected the border of rights over which an arbitration board or court may not transgress, except at their peril, as well as stayed within the bounds of precedent and statute law in Canada.
It cites to the opinion of the Supreme Court in Carroll and adopts that opinion as the statute law of Florida.
Part 2, "Shakespeare's Knowledge of Law: Statute Law, Case Law" includes: Constance Jordan, "Interpreting Statute in Measure for Measure" (101-20); Richard H.
In the two consilia that Kuehn compares, the issue at stake was crucial to the marriage market and its resolution by consilium influenced the drafting of the 1415 statutes, thereby serving as a funnel for the infusion of ius commune into statute law.
Conwy Chief Executive Iwan Davies: "The rules and procedures that determine what reports should be exempt from the public are set out in Statute Law and in the Council's Constitution and were followed in deciding how to deal with reports relating to the pier.
In this respect, the opening chapter on 'women, marriage and statute law in Ireland' is insightful, valuable and important.
He added: "It's pretty clear that they have trawled through statute law in order to get rid of us.
Punjabs statute law is a role model for other provinces.
The summer floods in Pakistan last year drew renewed attention to that area which borders Afghanistan in which tribal law and custom override statute law and in which al-Qaeda and Taliban forces thrive.
The site, which replaces the Office of Public Sector Information and the Statute Law Database, cost $235,911 to create and consists of 6.
Heather Murphy of the Statute Law Repeals Team says: "It was to stop poli-ticians raising private armies.
We can see an example of this from the Statute Law Database[17] (SLD), a project funded by the UK government to make legislation easier to access.
In the first part of the book, Trevor Dean assesses five types of sources: trial records, which reveal considerable variations in criminal activities and official responses from one locale to the next; chronicles, whose narratives betray complex and often ambivalent attitudes toward different crimes and the officials who punished them; fictional works, which reflect "popular" perceptions toward crime and punishment (and often contain details absent from other sources); statute law, which exposes oft-changing "official" views of crime in society; and consilia, in which established legal experts weighed in on crime and justice.