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Because in the analyzed model we will check stationariness of presented time series using the Dickey-Fuller test only, it will be described in detail below.
He explained that there are mobile objects and stationary objects yet there is neither motion nor stationariness (S.
Classical HRV analysis assumes the stationariness of the data; a situation typically found at rest or during the SP of post-exercise cardiac autonomic recovery (22).
Hicks, (1939, p.117) for example, criticizes the method of the Austrian theorists whose "hall-mark is concentration on the case of a Stationary State." "Although it would always be recognized that the actual state of any real economy is never in fact stationary, nevertheless stationary-state theorists naturally regarded reality as 'tending' towards stationariness; though the existence of such a tendency is more than questionable" (p.119).
According to Aristotle, a thing that exists by nature "has within itself a principle of motion and of stationariness." (24) Commenting on Aristotle, Aquinas writes, "We say that those things whose principle of motion is in themselves are moved by nature." (25) In addition, Aristotle's definition regards a body as acting from itself in a uniform way.