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a cord used instead of a ripcord to open a parachute

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During training, I was taught to count to 10 and then look for my parachute, as it should be yanked open by the static line by then.
This is true whether you're using it with a rope-style tree strap or in conjunction with a lifeline or static line.
Static lines became tangled and equipment began to snag on the plane's interior.
Caption: This version of the new Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS) is configured with Mandible and Visor without Ballistic applique for "Rough Terrain" static line parachute jump operations.
The freefall and static line capable MS-360-M4 is the improved glide version of the MS-M2.
The other drivers in the static line were so surprised to see a grey Cavalier undertake them on the non-existent hard shoulder and end up at the front of the queue rather than the back, they were too startled to even beep their disapproval.
I believe that when they had boarded the basket they were taken up to around 500 feet and the "D" rings on their parachutes were connected to a static line which opened the parachute automatically for them when they departed the basket through a trap door in the bottom.
While Garth began his descent, he became aware of a static line leading from the exit door, stopping it from shutting.
The 16-year-olds completed the static line jump at Shotton Airfield, County Durham, after a day's intensive training at the Peterlee Parachute Centre.
The combined airborne experience level is in excess of 150 years and includes heavy airdrop rigging, static line, and military free-fall operations.
The recording sometimes suffers, however, from the microphone being placed too close to Vitkova, so that her voice tends to dominate the sound field a little, but this also means that the static line never becomes atmospheric; never runs the risk of receding to the background, but insists on refracting all the music beneath it.
Static line jumps or tandem skydives are available and participants must be over the age of 16.
Known as 'static line ratings', these limits often lead to artificial congestion on power lines as utilities make false assumptions about the true capacity based on the ratings set out by operators.
The combating terrorism technical support office funded the stations for use in military freefall and static line training.