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Synonyms for static

Synonyms for static

a crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference

angry criticism

not in physical motion

concerned with or producing or caused by static electricity

showing little if any change

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One obstacle to transition for the typically tight-budgeted agency IT departments is that CDPD networks provide a static IP address for each user.
Since power is a full-chip issue and the complexity of dynamic analysis is one to two orders of magnitude greater than that of static analysis, existing multi-kernel tools with disparate databases do not provide a viable, single platform for full-chip dynamic voltage drop analysis and verification.
What we've noticed recently is that end users are demanding more sophisticated standards in the goods they purchase than they may have done a number of years ago," Fyffe says, noting that filmic materials are being used more commonly today as they are pleasing to the eve, but at the same time they tend to generate higher static charges.
Static electricity causes productivity, quality and safety problems throughout industry: in the form of electrostatic attraction or repulsion, it generates dust contamination and product misbehaviour; as an electrostatic discharge it gives shocks to operators, starts fires and destroys electronic components.
Introducing Model 992v2 redesigned static generator featuring variable output voltage between 0 and 30 kV, new digital display, and new remote on/off switching for in-mold labeling.
There is an initial muscle contraction followed by passive momentum to exceed the static ROM.
The right way to protect a static sensitive component is to wrap it in aluminum foil before you put it in an antistatic bag.
We conclude that repeated measurements of the static visual vertical can be useful as a follow-up tool for patients with vestibular neuritis.
These forward-thinking vendors are currently taking their browser-based portal frameworks and breaking them down into sections, regions or blocks, where static content and dynamic applications can exist seamlessly and conveniently together.
The PerforMax static neutralizing system (patent pending) is an extended range, high speed system designed to eliminate static charges even when installed up to 10" from the web surface, and up to 20" on winders.
Static inside PE pipe represents probably the only detrimental characteristic of PE pipe.
Currently Milestone publishes three core series: Icon [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED], featuring a super-powered "brother from another planet" who is also a staunch republican and fights injustice alongside his partner Rocket, a single, teenaged mother and Toni Morrison fan from the projects; Hardware, starring the character of Curtis Metcalf, a scientific super-genius who builds an incredible suit of armor to confront his racist employer and to fight crime; and Static, which tells the story of the slightly geeky but fun-loving teenager Virgil Hawkins, who battles supervillains and school yard bullies after he accidentally gains the power to control electricity.
AUSTIN, Texas -- While traditional PVC sheet protectors generate static electricity, Static Dissipative Sheet Protectors from 3M are designed to be non-static generating in addition to protecting documents.
Essentially, a static charge arises when an external force causes electrons to be stripped from an atom leaving it with an excess of protons and a net positive charge.
Converting and packaging professionals are quite familiar with static electricity, and controlling it is part of day-today operations.