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Synonyms for statesmanly

marked by the qualities of or befitting a statesman

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This will need domain expertise, statesmanly approach, the ability to observe, think and mark the steps forward.
To argue, as prime minister Justin Trudeau has, that making the connection between climate change and this infernal fire isn't "helpful," is not a gesture of statesmanly maturity.
PM Narendra Modi himself adopted statesmanly approach to underlining need for consensus on national issues.
"Until then, as president of Serbia, I am freezing my participation at the trilateral meeting between Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey, because that is not a meeting of war rumbling but of democratic countries with statesmanly reason that leads to peace in the Balkans," he added.
Plevneliev said at a news conference broadcast live on television, aIn a crisis situation, political parties and politicians are the ones who need to show statesmanly behavior.a
But he added that he hoped the Egyptian government would "try to be more statesmanly, by working in the interests of the country."
A bit like a statesmanly badger, he burrowed through Wales' rich ancestry with aplomb, and it should be said that his star booking did provide some weight to an otherwise standard trawl through the history books.
Yield to a statesmanly visionary with wisdom and the gifts to articulate an inspirational cause, a plan worthy of those who sacrificed their lives for liberty.
And so I began my mission to trace how music, that statesmanly, international language, forged its way through the war--building community, understanding and healing on all sides, yes?
Bush, whom he compares to Eisenhower and praises for not expanding the first Gulf War beyond its initial aim of ousting Saddam Hussein from Kuwait: "His signature word--it became a running joke on Saturday Night Live--was prudence, which Merriam-Webster defines as 'caution or circumspection as to danger or risk.'" This lightweight dictionary definition is all we hear about statesmanly prudence, though Beinart's narrative provides the perfect set-up for serious reflection on the difficulty of matching up a hierarchy of ends to a hierarchy of means.