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marked by the qualities of or befitting a statesman

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There's a statesmanlike quality to McLeish and, like managers such as McInnes, Brendan Rodgers and Neil Lennon, five minutes in his company always leaves you feeling a little but better about yourself.
honors the precious constitutional privilege that we have to debate any issue and any idea of any stripe in the free marketplace of ideas in a healthy and statesmanlike manner."
But we can ask our politicians to grow up and become statesmanlike.
"The reform will include unpopular measures, it will not be easy, but we have the desire to implement it in a correct and statesmanlike manner," Pavlova stated.
Nixon told the story as though there was guidance to be found in it, and I took his point to be that if the public thought food prices were a problem, the politician should offer a solution, thereby preserving his ability to make statesmanlike decisions another day.
For his statesmanlike vision and equable temperament, his leadership in two wars, his integrity in challenging Pentagon mandarins over performance and program, and above all his compassion for the troops, his "kids," as he lovingly called them, Robert M.
Summary: For a group of politicians about to announce that they are not participating in government, the arrival of March 14 members is a little statesmanlike. The blacked-out Mercedes and SUVs role up one after another as doormen scurry to deploy emergency umbrellas.
Afforestation is "part of Lebanese national security", the Shi'ite leader intoned, statesmanlike, a day after he emerged from hiding to dig in what he said was the millionth sapling planted by Hizbullah's reconstruction arm, Jihad Al-Bina.
An hour raced by in a colourful, sweeping symphonic wave of sound, from the allegro's bold cello opening over shimmering violins to the finale with its pixieish dancing themes and statesmanlike musical statement from the brassboosted orchestra.
Tucked away in a gray-brown room, across a white marble hall from statesmanlike portraits of Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, is "One Life: Thomas Paine--The Radical Founding Father," an exhibition appearing at the National Portrait Gallery from August 7 to November 29.
GORDON Brown yesterday joined Barack Obama in welcoming President Hamid Karzai's "statesmanlike" agreement to a second ballot run-off in Afghanistan's disputed presidential election.
The statement added, this is a statesmanlike decision taken to defuse a serious confrontation, and the apparent removal of this long-standing national issue is a substantial step towards national reconciliation.
As he gets closer to the White House he has become more statesmanlike and measured, sounding less like a leftish protectionist and instinctive tax raiser and more like a potential president who knows he will have to restrain those pressures from within his party.
The editorial said Aso is taking office ''at a time of awesome domestic and external challenges, yet they could turn out to be an opportunity to prove his statesmanlike leadership if he replaces his hitherto hawkish image with prudence and modesty.''
Mr Clarke said Mr Cameron had to persuade the public to see him as a future Prime Minister by being "statesmanlike" in everything he does.