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  • noun

Synonyms for statement

Synonyms for statement

the act or an instance of expressing in words

something said

a precise list of fees or charges

Synonyms for statement

a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true

(music) the presentation of a musical theme

a nonverbal message

the act of affirming or asserting or stating something

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123(R)-3 allowing most companies until at least November 11, 2006, to determine a method for computing the pool of excess tax benefits, there is still time for CPAs to help companies prepare for the deferred tax issues Statement no.
Barnes' investigations that summer led to the dissolution of six fire insurance companies and to the adoption by Comptroller James Cook of an annual statement "blank" for fire companies, which required each company to provide a detailed description of mortgaged premises, their value, and even the amount of insurance carried on the buildings.
The gift tax return, with the election-out statement attached, must be filed by the due date of the return for the calendar year in which the first transfer to be covered by the election out was made.
The committee's report recommends actions to improve (1) the financial reporting process, (2) published financial statements and (3) the conduct of audits.
He attempts this in his "Comments on the Canadian Bishops' Winnipeg Statement," dated March 6, 2005.
2 to provide guidance in circumstances where the successor accountant is engaged to report on a restatement adjustment with respect to prior-period financial statements that have been restated while indicating that a predecessor accountant reported on the financial statements of the prior period before restatement.
As you create your mission statement, consider the following concepts:
Mission statement #2: "--reaffirms its commitment to educating a diverse community of women at the highest level of academic excellence and to fostering the alliance of liberal arts education with purposeful engagement in the world."
The FBI has adapted traditional statement analysis methods to focus on whether statements are accurate and complete.
Moreover, it must demand buy-in by ensuring that the mission statement is translated into concrete management systems, departmental objectives, and employee job descriptions and performance evaluations-- all linked directly back to the mission statement.
While auditing the financial statements of a new wireless telephone company that had recently gone public, John failed to confirm several large accounts receivable.
TEI fully supports the Commission's goal of enhancing the utility of financial statement information.
By issuing these policy statement, the agencies have recognized that uncertainty does exist.
Versions of the annual statement are available for property, life, health, fraternal, surplus lines and title insurers.