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without nationality or citizenship


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"The Government of Myanmar can and must take urgent steps to reverse this situation and to end the statelessness of the Rohingya.
Encouraged by the UNHCR-led #IBelong campaign that was launched in 2014 to end statelessness, the Government and partners had identified 13,700 people without nationality in the country.
Waytha Moorthy, who is in charge of national unity and social wellbeing, said there are 10 categories of statelessness identified as causing citizenship issues to more than 300,000 individuals involving various races.
Being displaced over multiple generations increase the vulnerability of the Rohingya as statelessness. Again the Rohingya children born in abroad (Bangladesh or elsewhere) remain as stateless citizens.
"In effect, the children are not registered and are victims of conflict in nationality laws and are in statelessness status; putting them in a more vulnerable situation.
The report underlines the risk of statelessness for some of these children.
Rohingyas have faced decades of statelessness, policies of dehumanizing discrimination and segregation, and the horrific violence and abuse, along with the forced displacement and systematic destruction of villages, homes, property and livelihoods, said Prince Zeid.
The event will have eShun perform among other songs - a song she composed called 'I Belong' which is to address the phenomena called 'statelessness' and also give a brief speech on the statelessness issue from the African perspective.
The event, which was held in Vienna, was devoted to the exchange of best practice in the field of statelessness among OSCE participating countries.
Jews suffered greatly, often catastrophically, while living with the vulnerability of statelessness. We faced violence, discrimination, disenfranchisement, denaturalization, and genocide.
For a scholar who researches statelessness and abhors any act to take citizenship away from anyone, I find the Canadian government's decision to strip Suu Kyi of her Canadian citizenship compelling.
Statelessness is an issue and a concept that is not widely discussed in African politics, although related concepts such as state failure, collapse, and forced displacement are often associated with African states.
On the 40th anniversary of the Camp David Accords, a groundbreaking new history shows how Egyptian-Israeli peace ensured lasting Palestinian statelessness.
Alluding to the characters of the epic Mahabharata, Tejashwi said, "We are staring at statelessness in Bihar.