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without nationality or citizenship


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While the 1954 UN Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons does ensure basic protections, denying individuals a national identity effectively denies them the right to have rights, and states have in fact used the revocation of citizenship as a political tool to punish opponents and critics, and even change demographics.
Some 30.6 percent of foreigners arrived from Russia, 22.8 percent from Georgia, 9.9 percent - from Turkey, 7.2 percent - from Iran, 3.6 percent - from Saudi Arabia, 1.9 percent - from Ukraine and India each, 1.5 percent - from Turkmenistan and Iraq each, 1.4 percent - from Kazakhstan, Israel and Pakistan each, 1.3 percent from the UK, 11.2 percent - from other countries, and 0.1 percent accounted for stateless people.
He further said it should be noted that Botswana entered a reservation to Article 7 on exemption from reciprocity, the effect of, which allowed Botswana not to oblige with provision of public relief and assistance programmes to refugees and stateless persons.
BEIRUT: Lebanese citizens, refugees and stateless people all encounter bureaucratic and cost issues in accessing hospital care in Lebanon.
In a ceremony this morning in the capital, Bishkek, 50 previously stateless people, including 15 children, were issued with birth certificates and passports, making them citizens.
HRW has found 28 former Qatari citizens who remain stateless and unable to access basic services or see their rights protected.
Lama Fakih, the acting Middle East director at HRW said: "Many stateless members of the Ghufran clan are still denied redress today, the Qatari government should immediately end the suffering of those left stateless and give them and those who have since acquired other nationalities a clear path toward regaining their Qatari citizenship."
He said the PH government is in the final stages of consultation with various stakeholders and will be submitting papers to the Cabinet for its final approval to solve the issue of stateless children and undocumented Malaysians.
Dr Sheikh Sultan made these announcements during a live radio programme as he replied to the concerns of a stateless woman who called in.
The peer, who oversaw a 2010 government review of counter-terrorism and security powers, told the Observer that Javid's 'opportunism has other costs, including a more dangerous world where stateless individuals roam with no allegiance, and the death of unprotected innocents, in this case a vulnerable British baby'.
The Catholic Church, led by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People, is set to observe the National Migrants Sunday on March 10 as a fitting tribute to all overseas Filipino workers and to highlight the disturbing plight of stateless persons that include thousands of Filipino children.
Meanwhile, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) yesterday appealed for help for stateless people, including children of Filipino migrant workers.
Thousands of children in the north of Cyprus are denied a Cypriot passport and remain stateless
The event will feature the High Commissioner Filippo Grandi and a formerly stateless woman Artee who lives in Thailand and a performance by the Ghanaian Singer eShun.