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declared as fact


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Wilson stated that TEI's State and Local Tax Committee would review the Model Uniform Statute for Reporting Federal Tax Adjustments and follow up with the MTC.
House Foreign Relations Committee, Scheffer stated that he feared the document would interfere with the United States meeting its military obligations around the world and that U.S.
The Commission believes that the effect of most general aids on competition is likely to be diluted, counterbalanced, or neutralized by exchange-rate movements (as long as the Community has no single currency), and has stated that it does not seek to harmonize 12 very different economic and social frameworks through its competition policy.
The petition stated that there had been no environmental impact studies addressing the cumulative impacts of expanded harvesting.
Massachusetts's highest authority, the state supreme court, held that this type of delivery is protected, while the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) has stated its position in a less authoritative technical assistance advisory.
Jarvits stated at the 2002 NPT Review Conference Preparatory Committee that Washington no longer supported many of the conclusions agreed upon at the 2000 NPT Review Conference, he was clearly alluding to the thirteen practical steps to achieve complete disarmament under Article VI of the treaty.
The abatement can be stated in terms of either a fixed annual dollar amount or a percentage of the taxes due.
Supreme Court has stated that a search conducted pursuant to lawfully given consent is an exception to the warrant and probable cause requirements of the Fourth Amendment.
As I have already stated, foreign bank operations in this country are large and growing, accounting now for approximately 21 percent of U.S.
While acknowledging that smaller businesses would suffer some hardship under a destination-based sourcing scheme, these businesses have asserted that any move away from administrative uniformity on matters such as sourcing runs counter to the SST's stated goals--namely, simplification.
18, 31 (1990), this Court stated that, to satisfy the requirements of due process, the State must provide an aggrieved taxpayer either with a predeprivation hearing or with "meaningful backward-looking relief." That relief, the Court said, must be "clear and certain." Id.
The court stated that the existence of the attorney-client relationship between Doherty and his tribal court counsel did not arise from the Sixth Amendment.
Notably, added the Court, Alabama made no effort to persuade the Court the facts were other than as stated by South Central Bell.
Jefferson stated in 1808 that it brought us "quiet" and "comfort" or religious peace.
(20) It stated that it would not regard an out-of-state web-based retailer as doing business in the state when the retailer does not engage in business in California and hires a website designer who telecommutes from his home there.