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wisdom in the management of public affairs

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Echevarria probably reaches too far here--some missions carried out by the military belong to statecraft, not war--but then again from the military's perspective, the principles of strategy probably still apply.
Thus far, our statecraft has earned us the region's contempt.
The first is the integration of intelligence into statecraft.
The reasons for why states in the subcontinent did not intervene in labor are complex, but appear to have their origins, on the one hand, in cultural ideals of statecraft and, on the other, in the power of communities.
Given the state of the art and the art of the statecraft, any modern marketing director can tell you without too much effort that the soccer-mom head-of-the-household standing in the frozen food aisle is about to buy a quart of chocolate chip.
com4Margaret Thatcher's Statecraft (Signed Copy) When in a dimly lit wine bar frequented by Latvian princesses and supermodels, attempting to excite their interest in you by asking them their opinion on Welsh rugby reform is a tactic unlikely to end in high.
United States Economic Statecraft for Survival, 1933-1991: Of Sanctions and Strategic Embargoes Alan E Dobson (New York: Routledge, 2002), 384 pp.
Statecraft is aimed as much at decision-makers in the US as at a domestic readership.
The large queue of people wanting Baroness Thatcher to sign their copies of her new book, Statecraft, represented a diverse mixture.
Baroness Thatcher's comments were made in her new book Statecraft which is being serialised in a national newspaper.
Miller's third chapter, devoted to the importance of antiquarian knowledge for issues of early modern statecraft, presents Peiresc as both an archivist skilled enough to find centuries-old evidence, at the behest of Louis XIII, for French sovereignty over the principality of Orange, and as enlightened defender of civil rather than ecclesiastical authority.
I know of no other book, that deals with the issues of religion--or spirituality--as the missing dimension of statecraft, that offers so many references from ancient and modern literature.
Guaire accuses the poet of an excess of words that is inimical to orderly statecraft, the practical obligation to attend to material needs and get things done.
It seems to be more about the Notting Hill liberal agenda rather than statecraft.
The second article, "Strategy Versus Statecraft in Crimea," by Lukas Milevski, frames Western Europe's response to Russian aggression in the Crimean crisis as a clash between statecraft and strategy, respectively.