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wisdom in the management of public affairs

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State and non-state actors and institutions are therefore intricately interconnected, in a continual entanglement and dialogue that is pivotal to post-colonial statecraft in Southeast Asia.
To better evaluate the strategic implications of cyber as a domain in which to achieve national security objectives--from antiaccess/area denial to governance, democratization, and economic growth--policymakers need a rigorous, multifaceted framework that examines cyber statecraft not only as a military tool, but also as a more holistic form of statecraft.
As the years pass by, both states and the increasingly important non-state actors in international relations make greater and greater use of the instruments of economic statecraft, the importance of which, in backing up diplomacy and supplementing other elements of statecraft, can hardly be exaggerated.
government to integrate religious freedom into our nation's statecraft and foreign policies.
Given the great and unpredicted resultant challenges in the volatile Middle East, the statecraft of the late king will be greatly missed.
Instead of statecraft, the avant-garde politician should conduct "humanity-craft," which involves pondering on longer-term futures of the human species and all its component parts.
This commentary is in response to Lukas Milevski's article "Strategy Versus Statecraft in Crimea" published in the Summer 2014 issue of Parameters (vol.
Historians from Japan, Canada, and the US reexamine the agreement and the major powers involved, discussing how Japan's naval leaders were determined to thwart arms control, the views of political and naval leaders in France and Italy who could not reach agreement, the role and importance of intelligence in statecraft and strategy in Britain, US ambitions and decision making in approaching the London Conference, how it was a turning point for Britain, and the strategic consequences of the conference.
For background on this issue I strongly recommend a new book that reviews the many legacies and controversies of "statecraft" in Islamic traditions, It is titled "Mirror for the Muslim Prince: Islam and the Theory of Statecraft," and is edited by Mehrzad Boroujerdi, an associate professor of political science at Syracuse University.
The Arthasastra: Selections from the Classic Indian Work on Statecraft.
1469: Niccolo Machiavelli, statesman and historian, (in)famous for his pragmatic and cynical writings on statecraft in The Prince, was born in Florence.
Support the Economic Statecraft initiative--and boost the American tourism sector--by bringing in 44 consular adjudicators through Limited Non-Career Appointments to speed up visa processing in China and Brazil;
Center on History, Strategy and Statecraft, named for the first Republican governor of Texas since Reconstruction and the state's longest-serving governor not named Rick Perry.
Perhaps he is deliberately simplifying in order to help readers appreciate how age-old traditions of statecraft continue to influence Chinese diplomacy.
Muscat: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced an initiative to enhance the Department of State's economic statecraft in order to strengthen the United States' commitment to economic engagement for the benefit of the world economy.