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supported and operated by the government of a state

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Further stimuli to the development of agricultural insurance may be given by converging the terms and conditions of state-supported insurance and bank collateral insurance, as well as offering benefits from other types of state support to farmers who have an agricultural insurance policy.
The commission said its recommendations have the backing of Indiana's state-supported institutions--Indiana University, Purdue, Ball State, Indiana State, Southern Indiana, Ivy Tech and Vincennes--and representatives of some of those schools concurred.
Adonis's announcement came not long after another Blair minister had claimed the worship service regulations would not change, prompting students at a state-supported Catholic school in London to boycott mass in protest.
State-supported institutions face an additional challenge on donor anonymity, as open-records laws may require that the names of donors to government entities be disclosed.
The book opens with three short essays: on India and Pakistan's nuclear standoff, a four-person hunger strike in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, and the state-supported murder of 2,000 Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat.
The rapid proliferation of state-supported gambling across the country has followed an incremental process described by Tom Grey of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (NCALG).
Gray naively asserts that religious institutions are state-supported, and then contends that they should be required to demonstrate that they are a benefit to the community--with graphs and multiplier effects and all the rest of it.
IDA Ireland is an autonomous state-supported company responsible for recruiting foreign investment to the country.
Since the initiative was announced in May, Creative Capital has been hailed as a much-needed sweetener to the bitter medicine artists choked down in 1994, when NEA funding for individual projects all but disappeared amid rancorous, often puerile debate over the proper nature and content of state-supported art.
The agency expects most of the proposals to come from universities, but the partnerships may include state-supported computing centers, private organizations, and the national laboratories.
- Increased difficulty in becoming eligible for state-supported aid for long-term care when assets were consciously divested during the period immediately prior to application for that aid;
A moderator first asked each candidate what she would do about the city's State-Supported Living Center, which houses people with profound disabilities.
Clients who pay an initial deposit of no less than 20% of the property price will be able to take advantage of a 12% interest rate under the State-Supported Mortgage programme.
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