state-sponsored terrorism

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terrorism practiced by a government against its own people or in support of international terrorism

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Islamabad [Pakistan], July 8 (ANI): In yet another exposition of Pakistan's true stance on state-sponsored terrorism, Major General Asif Ghafoor, the spokesperson of the country's Armed Forces, on Monday hailed slain terrorist Burhan Wani as a hero.
He said that India could not weaken the freedom movement of Kashmiris through state-sponsored terrorism. He said that the desire for freedom had further been strengthened in the Kashmiri people in the wake of Indian subjugation.
He said that India cannot weaken the freedom movement of the Kashmiris through state-sponsored terrorism. He said that a desire for freedom has been further strengthened in the Kashmiri people in the wake of Indian subjugation.
"India, however, faces a far more serious version of terrorism -- state-sponsored terrorism. You have all witnessed the horrific scale of the extremist attack in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir just three weeks ago," he said.
RAWALPINDI -- Director-General (DG) of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafor on Monday condemned India's state-sponsored terrorism in Indian administered Kashmir.
The people of occupied Kashmir and the Gaza strip actually know the meaning of state-sponsored terrorism. Not even sponsored by terrorism by the state itself, I would rather say.
Rohingya Muslim insurgents said on Sunday they have no option to fight what they called Myanmar state-sponsored terrorism to defend the Rohingya community, and they demanded that the Rohingya be consulted on all decisions affecting their future.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran strongly condemned the Israeli assassination of high ranking member of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, Samir Qantar, as a blatant violation of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of a UN member state and an instance of Israel's state-sponsored terrorism.
A campaign of "state-sponsored terrorism" is being waged by the Persian state, which is destabilising the region and fuelling unrest, the minister said in an interview with London daily newspaper The Telegraph.
Summary: State-sponsored terrorism has long been the norm in Israel and the occupied territories, but we are now seeing an increase in individual terror networks, emboldened by government officials' racist and inflammatory words against Palestinians.
Unfortunately, the text suffers from the same problem as many of its competitors, in that it focuses almost exclusively on terrorism perpetrated by those the US government wishes people to focus on (including domestic right- and left-wing violence) to the neglect of others, although there are a few small exceptions, such as a brief discussion question raising the issue (without going into much detail) of whether US destabilization campaigns against Cuba amounted to state-sponsored terrorism.
"The US government is the source of the greatest state-sponsored terrorism and America is inevitably faced with the ugly side of this phenomenon as well," said Brigadier General Masud Jazayeri, the deputy chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.
| WASHINGTON, May 30 (KUNA) -- The United State is facing an increasingly decentralized and geographically broader terrorist threat, according to a State Department report that showed an uptick in Iran's state-sponsored terrorism. The State Department's annual assessment of trends and events in international terrorism released late Thursday indicated that as more Al-Qaeda leaders are killed, affiliate groups have become more independent, setting their own goals and picking their own targets.
That state-sponsored terrorism should accompany its dissolution surprised no one with this knowledge.
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