state supreme court

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the highest court in most states of the United States

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But who shall tell the joy of the next morning, when the church bells were ringing a merry peal, and old Benjy appeared in the servants' hall, resplendent in a long blue coat and brass buttons, and a pair of old yellow buckskins and top-boots which he had cleaned for and inherited from Tom's grandfather, a stout thorn stick in his hand, and a nosegay of pinks and lavender in his buttonhole, and led away Tom in his best clothes, and two new shillings in his breeches-pockets?
I see I must skip the wrestling; and the boys jumping in sacks, and rolling wheelbarrows blindfolded; and the donkey-race, and the fight which arose thereout, marring the otherwise peaceful "veast;" and the frightened scurrying away of the female feast-goers, and descent of Squire Brown, summoned by the wife of one of the combatants to stop it; which he wouldn't start to do till he had got on his top-boots.
He had his top-boots in his room, in which he used to hunt in the holidays.
And I say Yes to one, or No to the other, and am just as much bewildered about it in the case of John with the top-boots as I am in the case of John with the pigtail.
His companion, much taller and broader, wore a short, close-fitting jacket and tight trousers tucked into shabby top-boots.
Yonder, where that phaeton with the well-clipped pair of grays has stopped - standing at their heads now - is a Yorkshire groom, who has not been very long in these parts, and looks sorrowfully round for a companion pair of top-boots, which he may traverse the city half a year without meeting.
Greatcoats, riding- whips, bridles, top-boots, spurs, and such gear, were strewn about on all sides, and formed, with some huge stags' antlers, and a few portraits of dogs and horses, its principal embellishments.
Gamfield, with a partially washed face, on the other; while two or three bluff-looking men, in top-boots, were lounging about.
whose bare feet fall with a blunt dull softness on the pavement as the policeman hunts them, and who are (perhaps for that reason) little heard by the Powers that be, whereas in top-boots they would make a deafening clatter.
in an open barouche, the horses of which had been taken out, the better to accommodate it to the crowded place, stood a stout old gentleman, in a blue coat and bright buttons, corduroy breeches and top-boots, two young ladies in scarfs and feathers, a young gentleman apparently enamoured of one of the young ladies in scarfs and feathers, a lady of doubtful age, probably the aunt of the aforesaid, and Mr.
Pickwick acknowledged the compliment, and cordially shook hands with the stout gentleman in the top-boots.
He analyzes state supreme court decisions and data from interviews with state supreme court justices to examine exactly how state supreme courts choose whether to expand state constitutional rights.
9th Circuit Court of Appeals asked the state Supreme Court to decide Court to decide whether state law gives initiative sponsors the legal standing to defend ballot measures when state officials refuse to do so.
First, despite the Supreme Court's frequently avowed deference to the states (39) and respect for state supreme courts, (40) the truth of the matter is that the United States Supreme Court today has very little hesitation in reviewing a decision of a state supreme court, even where the state court has actually protected constitutional rights.
The Mayor's Office on Wednesday filed a request with the state Supreme Court to give a final decision on the constitutionality of the legislation that would give the mayor significant control over Los Angeles schools.
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