state socialism

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an economic system in which the government owns most means of production but some degree of private capitalism is allowed

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While Matthiessen is viewed as a key figure for the establishment of a largely apolitical and formalist field, the essay emphasizes how his experiences of European state socialism in the late 1940s shaped his more explicit commitment to ideological radicalism at a historical moment when the potential for such an ideology was rapidly disappearing in the United States.
She argues that intimacy is affected by the development of transnational capitalism, labor migration, and border regimes upheld by nation states, as well as by local histories and legacies of state socialism. In the book's six chapters she demonstrates how these structural processes produce new forms of intimate practices.
But it is telling that May could not wait until her party conference in Manchester before responding to Corbyn's rallying call for state socialism with a paean yesterday in defence of free market economics.
Yes, the idea of free markets chimed with a more individualistic age, but a lack of responsiveness and heavy doses of paternalism made state socialism unpopular.
My study's approach is marked by the emphasis placed on housing politics or on the role of the state in the transformation of state socialism based on an industrialized economy into post-industrial neoliberal capitalism.
Wilson really wants us to focus on the continuum of liberal progressive-protectionist conservative friction; the battle of free enterprise versus state socialism is still with us.
In doing so, they reproduce the very essentialist categories imposed on them throughout history, notably for the purpose of regulating small trade and traders during state socialism.
This also made it a natural target for local opposition, and it was ridiculed during the ensuing thirty-some years of state socialism by Varsovians, many of whom viewed the structure as a kitschy emblem of Soviet colonial domination.
Democracy HAS failed by degenerating into a slow motion state socialism. To gain power, politicians have promised everybody will gain at the expense of everybody else with the resulting slide into unrepayable levels of debt.
Some of Kozlov's readers eventually ended up questioning the very underpinnings of the Soviet "experiment." Others were moved to work within the system to reform state socialism. And of course there were many others who either didn't enjoy steady access to the journal, didn't understand what they were reading, or simply didn't care for the subjects under discussion.
A main contention of the book is that the contemporary socialism experienced in Latin America is different than the socialist project of the previous era, which was essentially state socialism that produced authoritarian states and has been discredited with the collapse of the Soviet bloc.
T We who believe in right-of-centre politics with the freedoms that the market and free enterprise give to everyone to make the best that they can of their lives have a much better tale to tell than those who believe in the doubtful benefits of state socialism with its compulsions, its lack of individual freedom and its crowd of 'Do As We Say, Not As We Do' hypocrites such as the late Anthony Wedgwood Benn.
She shows that, beyond official discourses of socialist friendship, German Democratic Republic (GDR) citizens often used images of Cuba to craft alternative ideals of a more enthusiastic, dynamic, independent, and nonaligned state socialism. The book also discusses how leftist activists in the pre-1989 Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) found in the socialist island a revolutionary subaltern nationalism that escaped both the conservative overtones of German nationalism and the problems of a less attractive Eastern European state socialism.
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