state socialism

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an economic system in which the government owns most means of production but some degree of private capitalism is allowed

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Hastening to his damaged machine we were bending every effort to finish the needed repairs and had almost completed them when we saw the two green monsters returning at top speed from opposite sides of us.
He rode upon a grey ass, as Sancho said, and this was what made it seem to Don Quixote to be a dapple-grey steed and a knight and a golden helmet; for everything he saw he made to fall in with his crazy chivalry and ill-errant notions; and when he saw the poor knight draw near, without entering into any parley with him, at Rocinante's top speed he bore down upon him with the pike pointed low, fully determined to run him through and through, and as he reached him, without checking the fury of his charge, he cried to him:
Dismissing the driver she took the reins in her own hands and drove off at top speed through the streets.
To step to one side of the bush and throw directly from the ground, which is the style I am best in, would take but an instant, and in that instant the stallion would doubtless be under way at top speed in the opposite direction.
Though his teeth each time clipped together perilously close to the man's leg, each time he fell back to earth he had to gather himself together and run at his own top speed in order to overtake the terror-stricken man on the crazy-galloping horse.
He hurried at his top speed down Baker Street and along Oxford Street, until we had almost reached Regent Circus.
But the worst did not come to the worst, more power to my unforgotten friend the cabman, who never came forward to say what manner of men he had driven to Bloomsbury Square at top speed on the very day upon which the tragedy was discovered there, or whence he had driven them.
In the West, the Soviet collapse was widely seen as the death of communism and proof that Soviet-style state socialism didn't work.
Some of the impulses enumerated here are system-specific, but others apply equally to bureaucratic leaders under capitalism as well as state socialism.
Indeed, the unreliability of data is reinforced by the fact that a commitment to the introduction of market reforms -- together with the rejection of previous patterns of state socialism -- are likely to lead to an overstatement of the scope of entrepreneurship.
With the failure of state socialism, there is no credible political or ethical argument to check unrestrained capitalist enterprise.
The sceptical and tough-minded Mill is made to appear tepid and indecisive in contrast to the committed and courageous Taylor, despite the fact that his forebodings about state socialism and bureaucratic centralization have been confirmed by historical experience in far more convincing ways than her self-satisfied musings about universal equality.
The best heuristic model for the Age of State Socialism is the theory of long waves with its half a century long Kondratieff cycle beginning after World War II and ending with the 1989 revolutions.
This "Utopia of collectivism," advocating state capitalism as a step to state socialism through nonviolent means, was immensely popular and influential.
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