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a prison maintained by a state of the U

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State prisons were operating at a capacity of between 100 percent and 115 percent, while federal prisons were 31 percent above capacity at the end of 2000.
8 million individuals are behind bars in America: 1,130,000 in state prisons, 568,000 in local jails and 113,000 in federal prisons.
In reaching its decision, the Court found that the plain language of the ADA "unmistakably includes State prisons and prisoners within its coverage.
In the case of the Massachusetts State Prison at Charlestown, established in 1805, we are fortunate in having an unusually large and detailed body of evidence.
The Notice to Proceed allows MSSI to move forward in providing Certified Nursing Assistant services to Mule Creek State Prison through September 30, 2007.
Contract notice: Construction of the State Prison, Naklo.
For a brief time, that included California state prison officials.
A state prison inmate brought a pro se [section] 1983 action alleging that prison officials denied him adequate medical care and access to prison law libraries.
The first 12 months following their release from a state prison was the period when 40 percent of sex crimes were allegedly committed by the released sex offenders.
I'm not going to do bogus stuff inside a state prison," he says angrily.
has amended its Master Contract for prison health services with Bio-Reference Laboratories to include clinical laboratory services for the entire state prison system of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
LANCASTER - A Lancaster state prison inmate already serving time for an Orange County murder has been charged with murdering his cellmate.
The court held that the inmate had exhausted his PLRA-required administrative remedies when he filed a "Reasonable Modification Or Accommodation Request" form with state prison authorities, noting that he was blind and needed help in performing all of his everyday functions.
In 1997, an estimated 40 percent of state prison inmates, 27 percent of federal inmates, 47 percent of inmates in local jails and 31 percent of those on probation had not completed high school or its equivalent, reports the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
The renewed contracts, at Rogers State Prison in Reidsville and Lee State Prison in Leesburg, both in southern Georgia, were awarded after an open competition.
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