state of the art

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the highest degree of development of an art or technique at a particular time

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to emerge as a world leader in Power Line Communications (PLC) compatible state of the art high tech LCD High Definition Digital Televisions (HDTV), mobile phones and other Power Line Communications (PLC) compatible devices and services.
This new state of the art facility allows our division to optimize existing projects, expand productivity, and grow new capabilities," states EOIR Vice President Diane Deterline, who heads the SSRD division.
Centellax, a company that designs and develops high speed components for the optical communications industry, will demonstrate, for the first time, its state of the art 16:1 MUX with clock multiplying unit (CMU) at their booth (#6733) at the Optical Fiber Conference 2003 March 25th through March 27th in Atlanta, Georgia.
This unique interface application when coupled with the rest of the UB-Port Internet Appliance/Multi-Media Entertainment System (Set-Top Box) is a state of the art "SINGLE TOUCH" or "VOICE ACTIVATED" interface, providing the user an easy-use appliance that assures high-speed Internet Access for Television and Entertainment, Video-on-Demand services, Streaming Audio/Video, Karaoke, DVD/CD Capabilities, Full-Computer Functionality, Online Shopping, E-mail, Internet Telephone, Video Conferencing, Surround Sound, and Video Game Capabilities.
Highly trained professionals staff the facility, which is equipped with state of the art equipment.
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