state of nature

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a wild primitive state untouched by civilization

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Furthermore, the PS5m Nature Fund and subsequent Sustainable Management Scheme demonstrate how we are delivering this in practice by investing in landscape scale and collaborative approaches to address the trends highlighted in the State of Nature report."
"The rallying call issued after the State of Nature report in 2013 has promoted exciting and innovative conservation projects.
relations of persons in the state of nature and those of states in
The state of nature is something we ought to avoid, at any cost accept our own self-preservation.
Drane Simpson UTT, New Yourk Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms has this to say about naked: "When used with regard to persons and implying absence of clothing, the word is not uniform in its pictorial and emotional evocations; it may suggest many conditions, such as a state of nature and of physical beauty, a state of destitution and of pitiful suffering, a state of privacy and of admirable modesty or purity, a state of shameful publicity or of wanton exhibitionism.
Last year, the UK's major conservation groups published the State of Nature report, which revealed that 60 per cent of assessed native species were in decline and one in 10 were heading for extinction in the country.
Alun Davies said: "Last year's State of Nature report was a big wake-up call and highlighted dramatic declines in a range of habitats and species across Wales.
The state of nature in Locke's portrayal was not based on fraudulent and nasty situation as explained by Hobbes.
They are all in danger of further declines without work to provide them with better habitats, according to the RSPB, one of the wildlife groups behind the State of Nature report.
The State of Nature report pools together the expertise of 25 wildlife groups, specialising in everything from frogs to fungi and butterflies to bees, to show how our wildlife has fared over the last 50 years.
Written in accessible narrative style, the selections are not technical works but meditations and stories on the state of nature in the agricultural age and the process of paradigmatic shift in definition of agriculture that will be necessary to stave off widespread environmental disaster.
Optimal design of unemployment insurance is considered in a search setting where the state of nature (business cycle) affects the unemployment risk and thus the return to search.
in a "state of nature," the fundamental rights of people to freedom and self-preservation are at best insecure (Locke and Rousseau) or at worst constantly jeopardized (Hobbes).
Renowned English philosopher Thomas Hobbs describes in his famous treatise, 'Leviathan' that man in his state of nature was pre-social, selfish, self-seeking and brutal.