state of nature

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a wild primitive state untouched by civilization

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the dangerous anarchy of the state of nature by constructing a civil
I maintain that, in our primitive condition, in the true state of nature, amour-propre did not exist; for as each man regarded himself as the only observer of his actions, the only being in the universe who took any interest in him, and the sole judge of his deserts, no feeling arising from comparisons he could not be led to make could take root in his soul; and for the same reason, he could know neither hatred nor the desire for revenge, since these passions can spring only from a sense of injury.
Significantly, this collective is constructed in reference to a hypothetical locus of origin that stands in direct rivalry to the state of nature.
Locke who portrays a positive picture of state of nature as compared to his two contemporaries Rousseau and Hobbes who portray the human being as selfish and state of nature a pessimistic picture.
Nutritionally, the farm households can fully meet the WHO recommended level of cereal calorie for the adverse state of nature and reach 82% of the WHO recommendation for the most adverse state of nature, an increase of cereal calories by 57% relative to the base case (Model H in Table 5).
Rousseau argues for the natural goodness of humanity by separating inclinations, which emerge out of instinct in the state of nature from beliefs, which are formed in society.
i]) to reflect the fuzzy knowledge about the state of nature.
Optimal design of unemployment insurance is considered in a search setting where the state of nature (business cycle) affects the unemployment risk and thus the return to search.
Proceeding methodologically through definition and deduction, Hobbes' theory of sovereignty emerges from his characterization of a state of nature wherein man's unbridled passions create a condition of total and perpetual war.
Renowned English philosopher Thomas Hobbs describes in his famous treatise, 'Leviathan' that man in his state of nature was pre-social, selfish, self-seeking and brutal.
Without a government or laws, he wrote, society could be considered in "a state of nature.
1 : living in a state of nature and not under human control and care : not tame <wild animals>
Chapters follow explorers, scientists, collection methods and categorization challenges, offering a fine blend of biography, natural science and museum collecting history, and reflections on the past, present and future state of nature in the human world.
Does this compound occur in a state of nature or is it only synthetic, made by man?