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a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition

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Two passive algorithms were developed--one based on light state and the other on light state change. Both are executed every time a light state change occurs.
Once the value of a single state change had been calculated, the panelists then discussed how many state changes would be needed by a patient in their disease area in order for the change to be considered small, but clinically important.
In contrast, non-internally-caused activity verbs causativize, as do all intransitive state change verbs.
Instead of defining success as an incremental improvement, the quantum model holds the possibility of remarkable improvement; a state change. On the other hand, the Cartesian model also is low risk while the quantum model is both risky and messy.
As the maximum torque (saturation) is reached, the sample undergoes a state change from a liquid in a solid to a solid in a liquid.
Christensen adds that the state legislature's education committee and the governor agree, but some other people want to see the state change. to meet NCLB's requirements.
The necessary energy required for this state change is captured from the mold heat.
This particular device requires 2 ms to accomplish a state change. To complete this test program, 491,520 S-parameter measurements are required.
The company will expand its operations as the laws for each individual State change and allow.
And signs point to continued deterioration unless the city and state change course.
of Bremen, Germany) present 11 papers comparatively exploring the governance of welfare state change. As a whole, the volume focuses on the questions of how policies and regulatory structures are changing, how reform processes in different policy areas or countries are being shaped, and whether there are signs of convergence or divergence across different welfare state types.
Only last year did the state change the laws, again allowing for an outright per-credit tuition-fee system.
Investigating welfare state change; the 'dependent variable problem' in comparative analysis.
Optional power-ON delay circuitry prevents any state change during system start-up.
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