state capitalism

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an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but there is some degree of government ownership of the means of production

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State capitalism is usually associated with state strategies for investment and technological development, but Russian state capitalism involves neither central planning nor strategy.
Garcia Linera added, "Our model has differentiated itself from old-style state capitalism of the1950s and '60s as well as failed neoliberal models around the whole world from the end of the 20th century.
In the conclusion, Zhu links CCTV with Chinese-style state capitalism model.
All in all, Lardy's book challenges the state capitalism thesis and confirms that the trajectory of China's economic development and transition does not deviate much from our conventional belief that marketization, liberalization, and the private sector are the pillars of economic success.
James writings such as State Capitalism and World Revolution, A New Notion, and A History of Pan-African Revolt.
This mode of institutional design in Central Asia fits in the debate about the emergence of state capitalism, for which notably China stand as a successful example.
It thus has a useful account of Marx's labour theory of value--Marx always insisted that exploitation under capitalism was inherent in the realm of production rather than in the circulation of goods--as well as interesting discussions on the origins of capitalism, issues around the rise and fall of the rate of profit, and reflections on the state capitalism of the Soviet Union and Maoist China.
China itself inspires leaders all around the globe with their fast growth state capitalism model.
CNN's Fareed Zakaria, among many other commentators, has described this phenomenon as the rise of Putinism, based on some shared elements: "Nationalism, religion, social conservatism, state capitalism and government domination of the media.
The promotion of state capitalism encompasses a hybrid of domestic and foreign-invested firms that are willing to accommodate the doi moi policy as well as business practices that suit Asia.
Having another large democracy with a full seat at the table in the region could help encourage more countries to move toward political and economic openness, rather than follow China's example of autocratic state capitalism," she writes.
Stressing national agency without triumphalism, this new narrative intervenes in the current politics of historical memorialisation where the 'democratic' ethos of the 1945-46 revolution is now celebrated by the Party and dissidents alike, while the superseding of socialism by state capitalism since the 1990s that has confounded many old cadres remains off-limits as a subject of analysis.
This animated intellectual life and ongoing struggles against "the system," the military industrial complex, in a world still substantially dominated by the two imperialist nuclear-wielding powers of the West and the East, standing for capitalism, or for state capitalism (still labelled by the leaders in both camps as Communism).
China is well known for its state capitalism in which state enterprises play a key role, and in Japan "Abenomics" has an element of a new industrial policy symbolized by the Cool Japan Fund promoting animations, fashion, cuisine and other Japanese culture-related industries through governmentinitiated funding.
As we've analyzed them in this special issue of CD, these changes include the transition from state socialism to state capitalism in Russia and China and their incorporation into a world of global capitalism.
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