state capitalism

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an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but there is some degree of government ownership of the means of production

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All in all, Lardy's book challenges the state capitalism thesis and confirms that the trajectory of China's economic development and transition does not deviate much from our conventional belief that marketization, liberalization, and the private sector are the pillars of economic success.
151) This is a necessary corrective to the chapter by Martin Oppenheimer, whose survey of the Russian question and the US left ignores this crucial aspect of an), meaningful theory of state capitalism.
New Oxford University Press Book, "Subsidies to Chinese Industry: State Capitalism, Business Strategy and Trade Policy"
labeled state capitalism, the features and implications of this system
The comment adds to the blot on president Vladimir Putin's brand of state capitalism, which many have criticized to have encouraged corruption.
which details the new global phenomenon of state capitalism and its geopolitical implications.
He added that state capitalism is the issue, and the US is at odds with China's growing economic power while it remains an autocracy with much poverty.
There are multiple variants of capitalism, including laissez-faire, welfare capitalism and state capitalism.
One is that the struggle between economic freedom and state capitalism is a worldwide conflict just as real as the clash between communism and the West once was.
A recipe of State Capitalism for a while may be the only answer.
The market-driven capitalism in the West values assets based on market forces, but under state capitalism the government owns and controls key firms and industries that are used strategically to advance political goals.
But now, according to the Daily Mail, a groundbreaking report, has unmasked the ten most powerful bosses behind China's terrifying brand of state capitalism.
Above all, China wants a sign of acceptance by the advanced Western economies, which continue to regard the country not only as repressive, but as representing an alternative economic model: state capitalism, rather than the free-market variety.
A decade ago, it was fashionable to accept the claim made by Francis Fukuyama in his The End of History and the Last Man that liberal democracy had triumphed over state capitalism preached by China.
The current economic direction of China is 'commanding heights' state capitalism, with the Chinese government picking the winning industries of tomorrow and developing state-owned national champions that are prominent at home and abroad," said the report.
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