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evidence for the prosecution in criminal proceedings

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A LOYALIST "serial killer" turned informer will walk free as part of a deal to turn State's evidence, the son of one of his victims said yesterday.
AMURDEROUS loyalist paramilitary chief turned state informer will walk free as part of a deal to turn state's evidence, the son of one of his victims said.
When the Florida Supreme Court declined to adopt a legislative change to the state's evidence code on how expert witnesses are qualified, the majority said they wanted to address the issue in a case in conflict.
During the proceeding, Ferlaak declined to contest the state's evidence before being convicted.
Sometimes, the State's evidence is insufficient to prove guilt of the charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt.
Judge Jeannette Traverso said the state's evidence had "fallen far below" the level needed to secure a conviction and it would be unjust to force Dewani to testify in his own defence in the hope that he would incriminate himself.
He had with him a pal who escaped the death penalty because he turned 'State's Evidence.'.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, however, the unexpected announcement by chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel that he was 'close to wrapping up' the state's evidence has raised doubts as to whether the case has surpassed a test of 'beyond reasonable doubt'.
It also forces another revelation; her father turned state's evidence against the mob for early release, thus jeopardizing their lives.
ADC, which has denied the allegations, requested an administrative court hearing to have the state's evidence against it reviewed.
During Wednesday's arraignment hearing, prosecutor Bill McCauley laid out the state's evidence against Hernandez.
But now the state's evidence is being made a mockery of."
His family denied that he murdered Steenkamp and said the state's evidence "strongly refutes" any possibility of a murder.
If he ran away or "turned state's evidence," he wouldn't have kept faith with those who had committed themselves to his dream of surfacing God's kingdom among them.
Eventually, Broussard turned state's evidence, confessed to the shooting and gave statements helping convict Fourth and an associate.
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