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a prosecuting attorney for a state

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Walker, 32, wasn't allowed to own a gun, according to a news release from the state's attorney's office.
Browser and his sniffer have worked with the State's Attorney's Office since November 2017.
Again and again, local judges and prosecutors instructed jurors "not to consider the 'unwritten law' and to rely only upon the facts." (47) During one trial, the Cook County state's attorney issued a public statement on the topic, warning that his office "does not recognize the unwritten law" and reminding the defendant that "his lawyers would have to present some facts." (48) Jurors disagreed and consistently endorsed, and in some cases applauded, the use of aggressive self help to resolve affairs of honor.
Ryan, chief of the Juvenile Justice Bureau in the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, pushed for the inclusion of balanced and restorative justice in the reform bill.
Twenty-six out of 33 judges took statements from Burge's victims when they worked for the State's Attorneys' office; a handful testified against the torture victims at trial.
During a June 6th hearing, Assistant State's Attorney John P.
A Connecticut legislative oversight committee, the EPA's Inspector General, and the state's Attorney General all found no wrongdoing.
Clearly, Champaign needed a new approach, leading the assistant State's attorney to theorize on the feasibility of travel restrictions.
Steven Knutson, 61, of the 100 block of South Channel Drive, is facing up to seven years in prison under the latest charge, which was approved by Lake County State's Attorney Mike Nerheim, according to his office on Thursday.
When Mosby challenged State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein in the 2014 Democratic primary, Borzillerioffered to assist with his campaign and, while she held no title or official position with the campaign, she did not hide her support, hosting a meet-and-greet event and attending community meetings with Bernstein, according to the complaint.
Long after most comparable cases would have been forgotten, Hixon, who once led the CHA unit investigating misconduct among its own officers, was indicted in May for allegedly pressuring the state's attorney to drop a routine 1998 drug possession case that he maintains was a set-up.
In addition, when local case management personnel receive copies of the property inventory reports filed by the officers who confiscated the money, they obtain the related police reports, enter the appropriate information into the unit's computer system, and forward the reports to the State's attorney, who determines whether to prosecute.
Your editorial advocates the Lake County state's attorney, Michael Nerheim, reduce the charges against the other young men from felony murder to something else.
31, 2019, this board published an editorial regarding Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's announcement that the State's Attorney's Office would no longer prosecute individuals arrested for possession of marijuana, no matter the amount of marijuana seized, absent a finding of an intent to distribute.
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