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a house where weapons and supplies are hidden

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Authorities seized four kilograms of heroin from the Bensenville stash house and shut it down as part of the investigation.
The middle passage ends at the stash house in Tucson or Phoenix.
During Shop Light, investigators frequently developed probable cause to support a search warrant by retrieving trash containing packaging wrappers for paraphernalia discarded from the identified safe house location, intercepting the delivery of drugs from the stash house when transported to a worker at a site where the drugs were sold, and stopping departing vehicles a distance away from the house if a legal reason existed.
The suspect directed the trooper to drive to his "stash house" in an area of Washington, D.C.
The Lafayette and Acadia parish sheriff's offices, Acadia Parish Animal Control and Duson Volunteer Fire Department were also part of the multi-jurisdictional raid of a "stash house" in Duson.
Tuesday, October 31, Rio Grande Valley Sector agents received assistance from the Hidalgo County Sheriffs Office and the Hidalgo Countys Constable Precinct 4 Office to conduct a consensual search of a suspected stash house in Mission, Texas.
"What we address is the people that operate [here], the smugglers, the stash house operators - the people that cause that, that's more of our focus," Border Patrol Agent David Benavides said.
The suspected stash house was found during a search for a 24-year-old woman and her two children, a 7-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy, who were reported missing by relatives late Tuesday after a man failed to meet them as planned at an undisclosed location on the city's north side, said John Cannon, a spokesman for the Houston Police Department.
A STASH house full of stolen goods was raided by police in Tyneside.
When investigators raided the warehouse, they discovered a collection and storage point for drug proceeds, instead of the cocaine "stash house" that they expected to find.
"We take that money from the stash house. Kill Fuches, live your dreams," Taylor tells Barry in the trailer for the episode.
Alejandro Martinez-Medina, 28, was arrested in conjunction with an Illinois State Police North Central Narcotics Task Force investigation into what prosecutors described as a "holding place" or "stash house." Martinez-Medina was ordered held on $100,000 bond.
A stash house," Fuches tells Barry as he hands him photos of the people he needs to take out.
Border Patrol agents received information regarding a stash house on Wednesday afternoon.
As suggested in the last episode, Paco is the guy who gave Goran (Glenn Fleshler) and his crew some confidential information about a Bolivian stash house. Paco is supposed to be taken out by one of Goran's henchmen Lucky.