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Synonyms for stash

Synonyms for stash

to put or keep out of sight

to store up (supplies or money), usually well beyond one's needs

Synonyms for stash

a secret store of valuables or money


Related Words

save up as for future use

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Combine a few of these factors and before you know it you've got a dozen-yard stash that includes lots of fabrics you don't really love.
As a result of the new partnership, the Cooper Hotel offers new and returning guests valuable Stash rewards points that can be redeemed at one-of-a-kind, independent hotels throughout the United States and Caribbean.
Los Angeles, CA, October 22, 2015 --( Trap Rock group "Chef Sean and Blaze" recently released their newest music video and single entitled "Stash in the Hoopty," that has since charted at number five on Billboard Biz for Hot New Singles.
During questioning, police said the female suspect admitted her involvement in the possession of the illegal stash and allegeldy told police about a second person involved in the case.
I'm already missing all the stuff I stash around the interior - lip balm, poo bags, sunglasses, loose change, a Velcro hair roller (doubles as a dog brush in standstill traffic), dental floss, baby wipes, tissues, pens, pencils.
Of the 2000 people in relationships who were surveyed, 11 per cent of men admitted having a cash stash fund, while eight per cent of women said that they had one.
THERE'S nothing like a stash of gorgeous golden bangles to make you feel like a million dollars.
Three men busted with a stash of amphetamines with a street value of Dhs115 million have gone on trial.
The shelves of the store, called Super Stash, are stocked full of vinyl records, comic books, and tabletop war games.
The Lane Hotel, the Keene boutique hotel steeped in history, has begun partnering with Stash Hotel Rewards, the nation's largest point-based rewards program for independent hotels.
Stash, located on the Historic Square in Oxford, offers exceptional value and a unique selection of gorgeous items for the home.
Mozy, Seattle, has announced public beta availability of Mozy Stash, a new feature that provides Mozy customers with a simple way of keeping their files up to date and available across multiple computers, smartphones and tablets.