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Synonyms for starwort

low-growing north temperate herb having small white star-shaped flowers

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Additionally, species such as Callitriche heterophylla Pursh (large water starwort), and Lemna minor L.
The similarity of certain flowers to rayed stars is apparent in their names from the 16th century, such as Aster Atticus (golden starwort).
Stellaria prostrata Baldwin ex Elliott, prostrate starwort, 2801.
The Lady of the Forest tells Sorcha she can save her brothers, but only by maintaining silence as she spins, weaves and sews shirts from the spiny starwort plant.
For redroot(1) and starwort must have sprouted there by now.
false nettle Callitriche water starwort Campanula americana American bell-flower Carex haydenii Dewey sedge Carex meadii Dewey sedge Carpinus caroliniana Walter.
Plants include plantain, starwort, reed sweet, yellow flag iris, soft rush, marigold, water mint, water forget-me-not, sedge, purple loosestrife, and meadowsweet.
ex Willd.: longleaf starwort. Rare on the beach of Sugar Creek near Narrows Road; 217; C = 7.
Choose a combination of the following native pond and bog plants: spiked water milfoil, water starwort, rigid hornwort, potamogeton, frog bit, water plantain, yellow flag iris, marsh marigold, ragged robin, meadow sweet and purple loosestrife.
Stellaria graminea L.; Common Stitchwort; Grasslike Starwort; Field south of Millie's Pond and field north of Scott Pond; Rare, but locally frequent; (* #); C = 0; BSUH 12557.
* Water starwort is favoured by newts for egg laying.