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a religious adviser (not necessarily a priest) in the Eastern Orthodox Church

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A starets might have one or many disciples, and there could be one or several startsy in a single place.
The belief was widespread that startsy possessed prophetic as well as therapeutic skills.
The last of the three great Optina startsy was Amvrosii (Grenkov) (1812-91) who became starets on the death of Makarii.
The startsy did not live within the monastery itself but dwelled in a skete some distance away in the forest.
35) Tolstoi replied that it gave him great pleasure to recall the startsy.
Amvrosii died the year after Tolstoi's last visit, and his successors as startsy of Optina, Anatolii and Iosif, lacked their predecessor's fame and reputation.
During this stay he seriously contemplated requesting a meeting with the startsy.
It does seem, however, that neither monastery life in general nor the teachings of the startsy in particular held much appeal for Tolstoi.
Several Orthodox apologists assert that Tolstoi was deeply impressed by the Orthodox startsy he met and held them in high esteem.