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Synonyms for startle



Synonyms for startle

to cause to experience a sudden momentary shock

to impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

a sudden and involuntary movement

Synonyms for startle

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Trigeminally induced startle in children with hyperekplexia.
Recent human volunteers studies involving seated transient perturbations have suggested that the startle reflex forms part of the neuromuscular response to a rear-end collision.
The purpose of this study was to re-examine the processing mediating anticipation of affective stimuli by measuring the eyeblink startle reflex and skin conductance changes to disentangle the role of stimulus aversiveness (affective modulation) and emotional arousal (attentional modulation) over anticipatory responses.
During the 3rd stimulus presentation, the degree of startle was somewhat reduced in magnitude, the vocalization was still present but no movement of the arm occurred.
It's not until 8 years that mature startle inhibition and facilitation values approach adult levels.
Skipper butterflies exhibit a fast startle reflex time in response to a photographic flash (<17 ms).
Startle disease: an avoidable cause of sudden infant death.
From previous research, we expected to find a two main factor solution: Affective Valence, comprising affective valence ratings, magnitude, and latency of the startle reflex, and heart-rate change, and Arousal, made up of arousal ratings, SCR, and picture-viewing time.
The startle amplitude was magnified for emotionally negative pictures compared with positive and neutral pictures.
In the study of 63 women with the disorder, those who did not respond to the therapy failed to show improvement in their startle responses, said Dr.
Now Beer and Chiel want to make an even more realistic simulation, one that will reenact a complex behavior called the startle or escape response.
startle online, which will be unveiled on September 27, 2000, has selected Informix(R)'s Media360(TM) asset management system as the foundation for its service.
The investigators, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, conducted a study of acoustic startle responses in 80 participants, evenly divided into groups of nonsmokers, occasional (nondependent) smokers, continuing smokers, and dependent smokers undergoing 24-hour withdrawal.
But the researchers found that even among women drinking four units of alcohol a week, significantly fewer babies passed the startle test than those whose mothers drank nothing at all.
You just do what you can to startle them and be on your way.