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For Arlington's Lizzie Allen, the benefits of her school's new starting time are already paying off.
Influenced by sleep studies, Minneapolis changed its high schools' starting times from 7:15 to 8:40 five years ago.
Changing school starting times isn't an easy task--nor is it universally applauded.
One major concern is that later starting times can disrupt school transportation systems; in many areas, elementary, middle, and high school students often share the same buses in staggered shifts.
This fall, three more school districts in suburban Minneapolis delayed starting times.
Rising before dawn - either to make a phone reservation for a weekend starting time or to arrive at the course early enough to get one of the top spots on the waiting list - is another option.
Mondays are generally the easiest days to get a starting time, reserved or unreserved.
Knollwood has attempted to handle the crowds by using fivesomes and spreading out starting times to nine-minute intervals on weekends.
This is more the case at courses that send out fivesomes, but weekend starting times are routinely harder to secure than on weekdays no matter where you play locally.
night game starting times seem odd, there's something behind it.
McCallister and Sullivan both drew alleged more-favorable morning starting times and both finished 7-over-par 78.