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first step


point of departure

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The captain added it is important to realise that we looked the giants in the eye and were able to come away with some success and that's a really good starting point to be able to work from.
In our empirical example, we determined the starting points so that the expected out-of-pocket expenses for each category would equal 50% of the uncovered amount in the doughnut hole.
Glasgow became a favourite starting point in the 50s and 60s as the cars left the old RSAC building at one minute intervals.
The contributions include an inventory of general ICT regulatory starting points, a review of what applies to off-line that also applies to on-line, summaries of the debates about whether ICT regulation should be technology-neutral and whether self-regulation should be the starting point, and a report on whether ICT regulation should be international.
The six starting points each consist of an eight week block.
In a statement on life sentences, which comes into effect immediately, Lord Woolf replaced the previous single normal tariff of 14 years by substituting a higher and a normal starting point of respectively 16 and 12 years.
The higher starting point applied to cases ``where the offender's culpability was exceptionally high or the victim was in a particularly vulnerable position'', such as when the killing was racially aggravated or a contract killing.
When that gene is translated from a different starting point than the already recognized one, however, the virus could theoretically make a protein that included the newly discovered peptide.
His starting points which, he has said, developed as visual images in his mind - defy many of the conformities of human life, the demands of gravity, physiology and general behaviour.
The manual provides agents with several starting points with which to begin a transfer pricing examination.
Aid strategic planning by using the views as starting points for exploration and challenges that will emerge.
In some cases, for instance, certain collections of starting points lead to the same end points.
Tripos has long recognized the positive impact that high-quality starting points have on the drug discovery process," said Dr.
A computer can create a colored halo around the figure, making the boundary visible, by tracking how rapidly the sequences of numbers resulting from different starting points grow in size.
Starting Points and DrumNotes are pre-built application templates that can easily be modified to meet a customer's own requirements.