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first step


point of departure

Synonyms for starting point

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With a doughnut hole starting at $0 (that is, a first-dollar deductible), incentives are strong for the healthy and weak for the chronically ill, while the opposite holds true for a starting point of, say, $5,000.
To see "A Starting Point," please click http://www.
This means the starting point will change," Mr Shinohara said after he met Zenkoji monks.
Everyday objects and events can provide a rich starting point for art activities in schools.
Starting points for ICT regulation; deconstructing pevalent policy one-liners.
DTN's Ethanol Information Center offers one central location as a starting point for agricultural producers, traders and investors to receive the latest ethanol information for making informed business decisions.
Those who aspire to major leadership positions in an increasingly diverse society, and certainly all of us who are expected to function as professionals in this type of setting, should find the list a starting point.
Then, use the meter stick to measure the distance from the balloon's starting point to its stopping point.
A second opinion on UCLA starting point guard Jordan Farmar's injured right ankle brought the same diagnosis as the first, but the Bruins continue to be hit by injuries as centers Lorenzo Mata and Michael Fey were the latest to join the ranks.
Draw from dot to dot around the circle, skipping two dots each time, until you come back to the starting point.
So long as the practitioner is aware that it is merely a starting point and not in any way a "rule" to be relied upon for final assessment, it is a useful tool.
These requirements provide a solid starting point for developing a specification and other program documents tailored to a specific aviation-related acquisition.
The LWV of Ohio has developed a "10-Point Proposal" for use in election reform discussions in Ohio, and many different groups are using the plan as a starting point for discussions.
He warns us, however, that anecdotal stories aren't evidence of canine intelligence, but a starting point for scientific study.
You don't have to start from scratch: kits are widely available, and KAYAKS YOU CAN BUILD assumes one of these kits is the starting point, providing the authors' expertise as kayak builders and boatbuilding instructors as it follows the process.