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first step


point of departure

Synonyms for starting point

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With a doughnut hole starting at $0 (that is, a first-dollar deductible), incentives are strong for the healthy and weak for the chronically ill, while the opposite holds true for a starting point of, say, $5,000.
Starting points for ICT regulation; deconstructing pevalent policy one-liners.
Responding to a consultation paper published by the SAP at the end of last year, the magistrates said: "The association does not agree with the starting point of community penalty for offences causing actual bodily harm.
This verification information is not intended to limit new practices, processes, methods, or tools, but rather to serve as a starting point for a program team when determining the technical maturity of a requirement.
The LWV of Ohio has developed a "10-Point Proposal" for use in election reform discussions in Ohio, and many different groups are using the plan as a starting point for discussions.
He warns us, however, that anecdotal stories aren't evidence of canine intelligence, but a starting point for scientific study.
You don't have to start from scratch: kits are widely available, and KAYAKS YOU CAN BUILD assumes one of these kits is the starting point, providing the authors' expertise as kayak builders and boatbuilding instructors as it follows the process.
He believes that senior executives taking the first classes can represent a starting point for modeling good corporate behavior.
Remember that Mississippi's starting point was lower than the national average's starting point but we're getting better faster than the rest of the country," Johnson adds.
As someone who is always looking to what lies beyond Pop, I feel that a work such as this that stands at its pinnacle represents, for me, a kind of starting point.
to the rear cone, and then sprint back to their starting point.
Extending the possibilities that a deeper understanding of resilience might have, the work of Grotberg (1995), (cited in Barnard, Morland, and Nagy, 1999, 57), offered an additional starting point.
Viewed this way, it will provide the user with a sound starting point for records retention decision-making, and it is very helpful indeed.
The body was the starting point for cultural encounters of all kinds: mediating lived experience, framing social constructions of gender, race, and power; and easing--and/or arming--all sorts of social exchanges.