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(baseball) a pitcher who starts in a baseball game

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In 2015, starting pitchers completed only 104 games and three clubs failed to register a single complete game--the Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles and Miami Marlins.
First, many analyses in the literature have implicitly demonstrated that starting pitcher characteristics impact game attendance, as such studies have routinely included control variables for pitchers' performance--often measured by wins and losses--and race/ethnicity (e.
The market for Jimenez, Santana and pretty much every notable starting pitcher has been on hold thanks to the Masahiro Tanaka situation.
1) Angels starting pitcher Joe Saunders allowed just one run in seven innings against the Royals on Tuesday.
First, this paper will provide a brief review of the relevant literature on the relationship between starting pitcher characteristics and game attendance.
Chicago Cubs starting pitchers Matt Garza and Ryan Dempster are two names that have popped as possible trade targets for the past couple of weeks.
The starting pitcher from the previous game can serve as the back-up man during B.
Other potential starting pitchers include Carlos Monasterios, Ramon Troncoso, Travis Schlichting, non-roster invitee Tim Redding, and minor-league pitcher of the year Rubby De La Rosa.
How many times have we watched a starting pitcher nurse a one-run lead, struggling with one or two out in the fifth inning, as his manager nervously fidgets in the dugout, hoping that he can avoid making that fateful call to the bullpen that will deny his starter a chance for the "W"?
Whenever this sort of thing is planned and the starting pitcher knows he might be called upon in relief, it can be a safe and effective way to use a starter in a relief role.
3) Dodgers starting pitcher Derek Lowe tosses the ball to Nomar Garciaparra at first to record an out Friday night against Colorado.
He admitted it, advertising that he probably had the worst numbers of any starting pitcher in July.
They have gotten more than sixinnings out of a starting pitcher just once in their past 10 games.
I've always focused on being a starting pitcher,'' Perez said.
Looking at Granada Hills starting pitcher Justin Burke's stat line from Saturday's City Section Invitational baseball final -- three runs, nine hits, a strikeout -- you'd think it was just an average performance.