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a movable barrier on the starting line of a race course

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"Whilst completely refreshing the pub, the traditional theme of the Starting Gate has been retained to ensure the pub remains a favourite among locals."
Dubai: The beautiful sport of horse racing can be a risky affair at times, never more so than in the vicinity of the starting gates.
Goggia was fifth out of the starting gate, and turned in a near perfect run.
Hewing closely to the template of "Smallville," "The Flash" bursts out of the starting gate, racing through an origin story and related history that transforms baby-faced CSI Barry Allen into the red-streaked superhero.
Exeter-based Performance Sports Group--known until last month as Bauer Performance Sports--sprinted out of the starting gate of the New York Stock Exchange in its first U.S.
In 2002, War Emblem nearly fell to his knees when the starting gate sprang open, and jockey Victor Espinoza knew right then the colt was doomed.
She stressed to Wolverhampton Crown Court that Oliveri had not been brandishing the pool cue and he had not used it to threaten anyone at the Starting Gate public house.
The first of seven sprint races leaves the starting gate at 5.45pm.
But in a supreme act of professionalism, and with the 60-second countdown to break the starting gate beam already underway, she ignored the mishap to complete the race with driver Nicola Minichiello.
Lucille stumbles onto the racetrack and lines up at the starting gate. But will she finish the race?
It is one of those films which leaves the starting gate at 100mph and rarely lets up, so, in a few minutes your head is reeling.
Having taught a graduate introductory course on the Qur'an for many years, Mattson (Islamic studies and Christian-Muslim relations, Hartford Seminary, US) presents a written introduction to the Islamic scripture designed to be accessible to lay readers, but also referenced heavily enough to serve as a starting gate for readers destined for a specialized academic study of it.
"When we can ensure that all of Denver's children have an equal chance at the starting gate, we can improve the chances they will make it successfully across the finish line," said Mayor John Hickenlooper.
The misunderstanding appears in its most catchy and persuasive form in the American philosopher Ronald Dworkin's much-cited phrase about "equality at the starting gate" as the proper aim of social justice.
The track was approximately 300 yards long and was equipped with a four-horse starting gate. This facility was used to train the horses to get out of the starting gate in a racing manner.