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a spacecraft designed to carry a crew into interstellar space (especially in science fiction)

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Through their StarShip multi-carrier platform, V-Technologies serves the critical shipping needs of more than 5,000 businesses.
Legislators recently approved a pilot programme for small delivery robots in Austin, Texas, and in June the Estonian parliament unanimously backed a similar move--which suits Starship well, as it bases its research and development in the Baltic state and its HQ in London.
He added that the partnership between the pizza company and Starship makes regular robot deliveries one step closer to reality.
By launching partnerships with major companies, we will enter the next phase in our development," said Ahti Heinla, cofounder, chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Starship Technologies.
The Starship delivery bot will store your stuff, and only you will get to unlock it, using the app on your phone that you had used to order in the first place.
as the 100 Starship Project has launched--at least on the ground.
The pixel starships game involves commanding your own starship in a 8bit online world; interacting with other players; developing your ship and crew; and engaging in large battles.
I have been a GAR member, delegate convener delegate for Starship, Auckland membership committee member and was a member of the former election selection committee.
GIG REVIEW Jefferson Starship at Sage Gateshead By Mick FOR most, reaching the milestone of half a century in a job would probably earn them a gold clock and a firm handshake from their boss as they shuffled off into retirement.
Saturday, followed by Starship (yes, of Jefferson Starship fame) with Mickey Thomas vocalizing at 8 p.
Delighted by a miniature of Starship Enterprise from Kennedy before the reception, Takei said it was perfect for the occasion: ''That is our Utopian future.
PLAYING seminal albums in their entirety has become fashionable in recent times and the current Jefferson Starship tour sees the 1967 psychedelic classic Surrealistic Pillow given just such an outing.
JEFFERSON STARSHIP, Tuesday, Robin 2, Bilston, 01902 401211, Wednesday, Bromsgrove Artrix, 01527 577330.
Continuing the mission of October 2011's "100 Year Starship Symposium" event, Starship Century is an incredibly anthology by diverse authors, filled with both scientific and science fiction writings about the possibility of space travel.
IT was December 1991 and Capt Smirk and the crew of the Starship Raffleprize featured in Golcar Primary School's Christmas production.