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a spacecraft designed to carry a crew into interstellar space (especially in science fiction)

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Each of the photos has been labeled as "Candidate Landing Site for SpaceX Starship in Arcadia Region." As of this writing, the gallery features 12 photos.
Starship makes small autonomous robots that pick up and deliver food on-demand on college campuses.
Starhopper is basically a smaller version of the Starship craft and it's aimed to help perform testing in a live-fire environment and eventually perform short flights called hops.
SpaceX intends to supersede its currently reusable Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launchers with reusable Super Heavy booster and Starship upper stage.
Placing 21st to 30th are Lee Se-jin of iME Korea, Kim Kook-heon of The Music Works, Kang Min-hee of Starship Entertainment, Kim Si-hun of Brand New Music, Kim Hyeon-bin of Source Music, individual trainee Lee Hyeop, Tony of Hongyi Entertainment, Park Sun-ho of SidusHQ, individual trainee Choi Su-hwan and Joo Chang-uk of Woollim Entertainment.
The Co-operative has previously announced that it is trialling deliveries using the Starship robots in Milton Keynes.
Sarah Williams, RN, MPhil, is a nurse consultant with Starship Community, Auckland District Health Board.
Starship also delivers to US universities and is talking to UK councils about more services here, says trade mag The Grocer.
"We sincerely thank them for their passion and heart as proud artists of Starship. We will not forget all the moments we've had together," Starship wrote in the caption, according to US-based Korean pop culture website Soompi.
Starship's Henry Harris-Burland told trade journal The Grocer: "Tesco coming on board is a fantastic addition for residents in the area.
Elon Musk has decided to rename SpaceX's BFR spacecraft to 'Starship Super Heavy.'
These pavement pounding drones have been developed by the guys who founded Skype through their new venture, Starship Technologies, The Milton Keynes project is just one of a number of initiatives piloting the concept around the world.
Jefferson Starship, the splinter band that Balin also played in for a number of years, paid tribute to their former bandmate on its official Facebook site.
The collaboration is aimed at equipping Stoneridge's MirrorEye camera monitoring system on a hyper-fuel efficient truck, the Starship Initiative.
Quadruple Double (5.30), Rocketeer (7.00) and Little Bird (7.30) all have leading claims before Racing UK's 'Luck On Sunday' cameras start rolling but Starship (10.10) might offer a little more value.