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abounding with or resembling stars


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Vanderbilt's filmmaking is as clean and unshowy as his scripting, and he demonstrates superb instincts with actors: notwithstanding the sometimes-distracting starriness of his two leads, "Truth" is more than a match for "Spotlight" in showcasing an ensemble that feels impeccably cast down to the smallest role.
Critical acclaim, Oscar nominations, awards, honorary degrees and that OBE might have combined to turn some actor's heads but it seems there is no starriness about Pete.
He goes far to extend the power of words to name things, but sometimes comes up short: "I have not the right word," he says, to describe the essence of "brilliancy, sort of starriness" in primroses (206).
But with the naked eye I beheld the very fabric of starriness.
He brings none of the kind of starriness one might expect.
Le Champignon Sauvage, which E-M set up with his wife in 1987, is celebrating a decade of double Michelin starriness. In any dining terms, but particularly in English dining terms, having two red stars represents a huge achievement.
The film also starred Hollywood big hitter Ewan McGregor - but Bill doesn't tolerate any accusations of starriness. "We filmed on the Isle of Man, you know," he says, laughing.