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Synonyms for starkness

the quality of being complete or utter or extreme

an extreme lack of furnishings or ornamentation


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For a number of people, the woodland setting also provides the opportunity for a completely personal and tailored funeral or burial in a tranquil setting away from the starkness of a more traditional ceremony.
This true-story drama, which begins in the early days of the Aids crisis, is powerful stuff, which, as it exposes the inadequacies of the health care system, mixes the sheer starkness of its subject matter with some dark humour.
Inside, the aesthetic is warm modern, meaning that it's open and airy, but without any of the chilly starkness of some modern architecture.
CuarEn's starkness in capturing emotions in their voices and faces creates an impact.
Kelly said some performers have been horrified in rehearsals at the scene's starkness.
Sounds grim, but it isn't.The scale of the place is good because it means we get to keep all sorts of gigantic props from shoots in our hallways, and the concrete works because stuff just looks cool against it.Anyway, we offset some of the cold starkness with a lot of warm wood and bright orange things everywhere.
The mid-autumn beauty of a fog-blanketed cover had not quite given over to winter starkness; the spaniel patterning through the whiteness, yet at the same time above it; the bell's lilting sound filled the air around me, making it easy to believe that the morning was more than the sum of its parts.
The starkness also serves to heighten the impact of some stunning aerial effects, not least from Ariel.
But the star of the show is undoubtedly the great Big Buck's, whose towering talent is underpinned by the starkness of statistics that transcend any damn lies.
The WEF report says there is a sense of receding hope for future prospects on an unprecedented scale around the world, adding that discontent is being exacerbated by the starkness of income disparities.
starkness of form: that which hunts before me, that which is not dark in
The starkness in terms of wealth--by which I mean literal, educational, social, etc.--and race in Washington has always been striking.
Much of Perejaume's work merges his Romantic and mystic vision with the starkness of elemental ideas in a duality that echoes others, like purity and artifice or narration and abstraction.
Again, Desjardins stood out, extracting a luscious quality from the starkness of the movement.
Passions Of A Different Kind contrasts that starkness with a huge guitar-driven punch.