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not wearing any clothes

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Pauline Starkers will take centre stage after being present in the background through so much of the comings and goings in the gallery over the years.
Rosie and Craig are forced apart by their furious relatives, while Jack finds himself starkers in a room full of middle-aged women.
But what he did not enjoy was being starkers 99 percent of the time in the film.
Barnes however told the jury: ``Williams came back to the bedroom door starkers and said `she wants you in there now'.
But the sedate scene was interrupted on Tuesday when waitress Tracy Seargeant bounded onto the rink completely starkers and planted a smacker on world No.
In fact, many legal and real estate professionals advertise to serve as intermediaries in "reverse exchanges" or "reverse Starkers," despite knowing that their legal validity is unsettled.
The multimedia duo are set to create a new artwork in the Slatey Road landmark, entitled Starkers and centred around the popular Pauline statue.
Nowadays, it regularly seems to rain with such ferocity, power showers may soon be unnecessary - just pop outside and dance around a bit, starkers.
Tagplay, from Dundee, came up with the game after Harry was caught starkers in August playing strip billiards with models at a Sin City hotel.
PRINCE Harry is seen starkers and fondling a nude girl in shocking pictures posted on the internet.
Scots actor Iain Robertson certainly makes an entrance here - appearing starkers in the pouring rain.
Savage was pictured by the magazine completely starkers - with only a hand concealing his modesty.
EUROPE THOSE Swiss folk have strange old habits, none more so than a fondness for long hikes in the Alps totally starkers.
TODAY we can reveal for the first time a picture of Ruthin tenor Rhys Meirion starkers in the bath.