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observe the stars

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They've all done well with the exception of Stargaze Dream, who has never raced.
With addition of 28 new screens, Stargaze will offer a total number of 12,000 seats and creating employment opportunities for more than 1,000 young Indians in the tier-II & tier-III landscape.
Today he hauls the charts, plus 20 plastic lounge chairs to a remote site, grabs his green laser pointer and stargazes with guests of his 558-unit resort.
The other advice to give to people is that the best time to stargaze is around autumn and if you want to be able to see the Milky Way you'll want to look when the moon is not up, so look up new moon times," he said.
Pat Dobbs's decision to force the pace on the colt for the first time looked like paying off as the pair managed to get half a length up on the persistent Stargaze well inside the final furlong, and more than pounds 5,000 was traded at 1.
The event on October 26 will give a rare chance to stargaze away from urban areas where light pollution skews the view of the stars and Mayor of North Warwickshire, Coun Dave Butcher, will be joining visitors and experts.
So why do we stargaze, if not for the purpose of scientific investigation?
The observatory hosts 2 million visitors a year in a region where the big city's lights often deter those who simply want to stargaze.
In addition, Tier will be implementing the Recurring Information Management System (RIMS(SM)) and the STARGAZE Graphical User Interface(SM).
They will be able to stargaze from the exercise yard or from their cells and investigate whether life exists on other planets, including Mars.