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a religious adviser (not necessarily a priest) in the Eastern Orthodox Church

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A hybrid between a starets and a strannik, he combines the healing powers of an elder with residential privileges of a wondering holy man.
To add spice to the account, he is confronted with the mystery of a certain Fedor Kuzmich: was this starets really Alexander I seeking to escape the burden of imperial rule?
With the help of a starets, or holy hermit, loyal Brovko embarks on an arduous, eventful journey to reunite with Andrei in Canada.
Dmitrii Sergeevich Likhachev and Lev Aleksandrovich Dmitriev (Moscow: Khudozhestvennaia literatura, 1984), 452-53; Vasilii Nikolaevich Malinin, Starets Eleazarova monastyria Filofeia i ego poslaniia: istoriko-literaturnoe issledovanie (Kiev: Tipografiia Kievo-Pecherskoi Uspenskoi Lavry, 1901), prilozhenie.
--, "The Elder at Iasnaia Poliana: Lev Tolstoi and the Orthodox Starets Tradition." Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 9:3 (Summer 2008): 533-554.
The first direct mention comes from Dostoevsky's own man of God, Starets Zosima, who, in his memoirs (which in the context of the novel are meant to function as the exemplary life of a good Christian man and counteract the force of Ivan's rebellion), retells the story of Job in a manner that is completely opposite to Paneloux's reference.
He has been attentive to the church's leading personalities, frequently meeting the patriarch, sending his personal regards to its most respected spiritual leader, the "starets" Ioan Krestyankin, and decorating priests for their "contribution to the rebirth of spiritual and moral traditions" in Russia.
'That's exactly what a doctor said to me once, a long time ago though,' observed the starets. 'He was already elderly and unquestionably a wise man.
"When the Holy Spirit fills a man's whole being with the sweetness of his love," writes starets (elder) Silouane, "then in unutterable joy the soul contemplates God."(4) "The Holy Spirit is sweeter than anything that is on earth.