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a viewer who gazes fixedly (often with hostility)

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Starer has been casualty counsel on more than 100 ship disasters worldwide.
The volume is attractively produced, if one excuses the rather garish gold lettering on the dust-sheet cover as well as the cover's out-of-focus image of a 1st-century bronze statuette of Sequana (a more drastic focusing problem removes any detail from the reverse of a gold starer in figure 11.
The portable grill features a vented base that functions as both an ash catcher and a charcoal starer.
Urethral catheterization and restraint use are nursing home practices closely associated with adverse resident outcomes (Libow and Starer 1989).
As the CEO of two geographically dispersed companies that do business together, Bob Starer has a lot of long-distance balls to juggle.
Tenders are invited for Starer Battry Consistng Of 3 Nos Of 8V 290 Ah Batteries Make - Bharat Exide, Microtek
In a session, at the MTNA National Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas, Robert Starer said the composer may not be in the best position to perform his work.
Contact: Michael Starer, director, sales & marketing
The gift comprises more than 1,000 items, published music scores and parts as well as manuscripts and correspondence for seventy-five world premieres by composers including Robert Starer, Michael Sahl, and Vaclac Nelybel.
OSU starer Kelly Dyer (11-18), a Churchill High product, was pulled before recording an out after surrendering the grand slam to Chambers.
The area sample ensured full population coverage, because an estimated 20% of poor families do not have telephones in their homes (Giesbrecht, Kulp, & Starer, 1996).
Anthony Malkin, W&H Properties; Mary Ann Tighe, CBRE: Mitchell Rudin, CBRE; with raffle winners: Randi Starer, Cory Albrycht, GVA Wilhams; Richard Price, Winoker Realty; Mark Lauzon, Cushman & Wakefield.