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a viewer who gazes fixedly (often with hostility)

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Other composers included in this volume are Conrad Susa, Ives, Hovhaness, Starer, Adler, Philip James, and Bruce Neswick, all worthy composers for the concert hall as well as the worship service.
Barnes and Starer experienced love at first sight, a coup de foudre, and were only separated by his mort foudroyante.
Starer's Annapolis Suite for Brass and Harp was commissioned by the Annapolis Brass Quintet and premiered in 1983 at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.
(7.) Robert Starer, Sketches in Color: Seven Pieces for Piano, (WI: Hal Leonard, 1964), 5.
Randi Starer, Licensed RE Broker, Jason Kling, ABS Partners
Nationally, an estimated 20% of poor families do not have telephones (Giesbrecht, Kulp, & Starer, 1996) and women with disabilities are disproportionately more likely to experience poverty (Jans & Stoddard, 1999; Haveman et al., 2000).
The mammoth success of Todd Phillips's "The Hangover" ($270 million) and the Sandra Bullock starer "The Proposal" ($160 million) gave Hollywood a record-breaking summer for comedies.
Brown said Starer Bros.' strategy remains to grow its market share during the downturn while accepting lower profits.
in which she complained against a male "starer" who had recently begun attending services with a largely female congregation in North London.
Further composition studies were conducted under the tutelage of Robert Starer in 1959 and Vittorio Giannini in 1960.
McDowell, Singell, and Starer use panel data for economists to estimate the probability of choosing administration over a pure academic track.
(6) Participants were blind to the identity of the starer.
(After all, "astronomer" is an anagram of "moon starer.") The moon is our closest consistently orbiting celestial body, and the only sizable natural object revolving around the earth.
Nationally, an estimated 20 percent of poor families do not have telephones (Giesbrecht, Kulp, & Starer, 1996).