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a dreamy romantic or sentimental quality

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An easy to use "pop up" lift system with a stainless steel pin makes the Stardust attractive to hospitality and residential buyers alike.
The star's close friend Trevor O'Brien spoke during the service and explained how Stardust chose to be laid to rest in Swansea after he was welcomed into Julie's family in the seaside city which reminded him of his early days in the East End of London where he also had a large family.
on Stardust leaves his wife, actress and choreographer Julie Paton, and four children from his three marriages.
On the occasion, Shroff congratulated Stardust for their good work and said.
he The character - a promiscuous, futuristic, drug-taking rock star - came into being in 1972 for Bowie's seminal concept album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, but his legacy remained long after.
1965 Bowie the mod at 18 1969 Next he's a hippy with a curly perm 1973 Electrifying show from the Ziggy Stardust tour 1972 Ziggy Stardust debut 1972 In his Starman jumpsuit from Top of the Pops on July 6 1974 The year of the Diamond Dogs 1973 Bowie-as-Ziggy at the height of his glam rock fame 1974 He shocks fans with new soul boy look 1976 A new identity as the Thin White Duke 1985 Bowie went blond for his big 1980s successes 1995 Still selling out his shows worldwide 1995 Happy and healthy at a music bash 1997 Goatee and gown for Earthling album 2000 Star spot at Glastonbury 2001 At the BBC for Mark Radcliffe interview 2011 Since his heart surgery he lives quietly with model wife Iman
That the impact zone was seen at all, with excellent lighting just as Stardust came closest, is a testament to a years-long effort by ground-based observatories to nail down the comet's rotational state and spin period.
Stardust came within 178 kilometers (111 miles) miles of the comet, taking pictures and measuring the amount and composition of dust in the comet's coma, the plume of gas that surrounds it.
Readers can win a pair of tickets to the concert by answering the following question: In which musical did Alvin Stardust play the Child Catcher at the London Palladium?
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has bagged the Reader's Choice best actor award for the movie Paa while Kareena Kapoor was adjudged best actress for Kurbaan at the seventh Stardust Awards.
From Stardust to Insanity: The Moral Demise of a Troubled Nation" presents the opinions of author James B.
MICHELLE Pfeiffer hadn't made a film in four years and, a few days into filming STARDUST, she probably wished she had stayed at home with her husband and two children.
MUSICAL maestro Alvin Stardust will be weaving his own particular style of magic in Solihull in November.