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(astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided

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I love this collection because I'm very into star signs and their meanings and the Scorpio formation is personal to me.
"They tell their doctors 'I want my baby to be born on a specific date so that it will be a particular star sign'," he said.
The sex toy company questioned 3,500 people for the survey to find out if our star signs really do impact on our sex lives.
Geminis, described as curious, thirsty for knowledge and mischievous, are most likely to be seen in a Hyundai 130 Comfort than other star sign. Motorists carrying the Cancer star sign are most likely to drive a Vauxhall to complement their caring and sensitive side.
ANOTHER survey of drivers that claims to link star signs with accident rates has been released.
A NEW survey has found Cancerians are the funniest star sign.
Calvino's star sign, like Le Corbusier (and both partners of Bolles+Wilson) was Libra.
SHAZIA AWAN reports.:Lisa Jeynes, Big Brother 4 star, Star sign Pisces: 'I'm a typical piscean, but I wouldn't be seen dead in a Peugeot.
The service is free; subscribers need only sign up at and choose their star sign and time zone.
The site also has an Astro Love Computer section which enables users to find their most compatible star sign.
The funniest star sign was Cancer, which accounted for 13pc of winners in the study of 100 winners from the past decade.
Last week, Kerry King, a resident tarotscope expert for Fabulous, said the since Markle is assumed to be 3 months pregnant, her baby will have the star sign of Taurus.
Referring to his star sign Leo, she wrote on the Instagram post: "I miss this boy so full of life so full of love!
16 STARS WITH LYNNE EWART Our star–gazer Lynne Ewart reveals what the coming week has in store for you all, whatever your star sign.
"Looking at your star sign to work out what you enjoy is a fun way to start exercising, and anything that inspires you to get fit is a good thing," Stemler said.