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a sapphire that when cut shows a starlike figure in reflected light because of its crystalline structure

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The highest price of $1.24 million per carat for a Lavender Star Sapphire in the world.
Perfect Pedigree A total of 90 diamonds (four carats) contrasts a six-point blue-gray star sapphire (10.02 mm) that's bewitchingly enclosed in a diamond-set orb.
Jimmy Lackenby thinks it is star sapphire and Mr C Cram reckons it is the blue sapphire.
A gorgeous array of gold and other minerals and gems, such as the Star of india--the largest star sapphire in the world--are on display in the Museum's Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems and Guggenheim Hall of Minerals.
The south-east of the country, which was worst hit by natural disasters, has produced several of the world's best known gems, including the 536 carat Star of India, the largest cut star sapphire in the world.
Stephano takes the first leg of the 11-furlong maiden from Hashofet and Star Sapphire the second from Delphorrie.
* Star Sapphire & Star Sapphire Demo's- Laverna Watty, NSA/W9M
A faceted box of clear blue glass perched on the tenth floor setback gleams like a star sapphire set in the centre of this crystalline brooch of a building.
Another important find was the winning of the world's largest star sapphire weighing 4,230 ct -- again from Mogok Stone Tract in January 1991.
In April 2015, a client submitted a bright blue star sapphire weighing 13.69 ct and measuring 13.85 x 11.89 x 10.28 mm (Figure 28).
In 1958 the nal and most luxurious post-war Armstrong-Siddeley was introduced, the Star Sapphire. Its four-litre engine gave an ample 165bhp, front disc brakes, power steering and Borg Warner automatic gearbox were all standard features.
n This brilliant six-point star sapphire is among the largest in the world.
But, at pounds 2,646, the Coventry-built Star Sapphire was expensive compared to some of its competitors.
Diamond-bearing eclogite xenoliths * Cat's-eye calcite from Pakistan * Large chatoyant Brazilian emerald * Nonbeadcultured pearls from Strombus gigas * Purple scapolite * Synthetic star sapphire with diffusion-induced colour and star * Partially filled blue chalcedony * Presumably oiled ruby * Inclusions in synthetic star sapphire * Diamond slices * Large Namibian demantoid * Nephrite from British Columbia * Baroque cultured pearls * Ruby from Namya, Myanmar * Rock Creek sapphire update * Unusual tourmaline necklace * Conference reports.
Cars continued to be pumped off the produciton line, including the Sapphire range of cars, finishing in 1960 with the Star Sapphire.