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a chart showing the relative positions of the stars in a particular part of the sky

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A star chart might be sky by looking out for bright stars.
Alan, director of the Yale University Parenting Centre and Child Conduct Clinic, says: "Almost every parent now has been exposed to star charts, praise and all of that, and almost always they're doing it incorrectly.
I found the star chart in the diaper pail with yet another pair of underwear.
Three state-wide Voyageur press starwatch guides by Mike Lynch offers specifics few other books accomplish, come from a master stargazer instructor and juxtapose full-page color photos of regional night skies with astronomy facts, legends and lore, and star chart maps to aid the local astronomy's observations.
A full day of activities will include learning to identify winter constellations, making a sundial or a star chart to take home, and find out more about the star of our solar system--the Sun.
Now the car owners are appealing for the thieves to return the irreplaceable work - a star chart and paperwork, made by the youngster.
Estranged from Lindsay, her younger siblings and her manager mother Dina, former financial trader Michael Lohan has wrestled with substance abuse and been arrested on several charges during his daughter's year-plus ascent up the star chart.
There is no doubt in my mind that one's star chart determines one's taste in jewels,' says Anna.
That's the offer from the Sunday Mercury today - your very own star chart timeline.
Do use a star chart when your child is old enough to understand
A Chinese star chart possibly dating from the 7th century AD mapped the heavens with an accuracy unsurpassed until the Renaissance.
Check out Page 84--the Almanac's star chart is back
The Florida STaR Chart addresses the areas of technology administration and support, technology capacity, educator competency and professional development, learners and learning, and accountability.
A star chart shows us when we can find certain constellations.
In three easy steps, the Interactive Teacher Preparation STaR Chart can help determine where your teacher preparation program is today and where you want it to be tomorrow.