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a chart showing the relative positions of the stars in a particular part of the sky

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There is a large number of open clusters in Puppis in the NGC catalogue--good star charts will show a large number of targets, and finding many of these will make a challenging project.
There are many different ways of delivering reward or star charts but many involve the use of stickers.
Now the car owners are appealing for the thieves to return the irreplaceable work - a star chart and paperwork, made by the youngster.
Estranged from Lindsay, her younger siblings and her manager mother Dina, former financial trader Michael Lohan has wrestled with substance abuse and been arrested on several charges during his daughter's year-plus ascent up the star chart.
There is no doubt in my mind that one's star chart determines one's taste in jewels,' says Anna.
That's the offer from the Sunday Mercury today - your very own star chart timeline.
A Chinese star chart possibly dating from the 7th century AD mapped the heavens with an accuracy unsurpassed until the Renaissance.
While this may sound like outright bribery (or, at the very least, a legal system of child labor), Jennie told me that the Star Chart taught her much more than the simple math involved in converting tinfoil stars to cash (which may be the root of her interest in foreign currencies and exchange rates).
A star chart shows us when we can find certain constellations.
In three easy steps, the Interactive Teacher Preparation STaR Chart can help determine where your teacher preparation program is today and where you want it to be tomorrow.
National Geographic offers superior geographic resources including a star chart, a dynamic Map Machine for the earth, printable maps and a guide to national education standards.
While Tintoretto's work is mythological, scientific star charts also adhere to the same conventions: in the first Renaissance star chart (1512-1515), Albrecht D[ddot{u}]rer inscribes the stars of the northern and southern hemisphere inside figures representing such myths as the story of Jun o's transformation of Callisto and Arcas into Ursa Major and Minor.
All you need are your own two eyes, a star chart (see p.
Now turn the star chart so that this letter is at the bottom; the chart will now approximately match the orientation of the stars in the sky.