star aniseed

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anise-scented star-shaped fruit or seed used in Asian cooking and medicine

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Based on our experts pharmaceutical knowledge we have developed a special formulation based on nature's own ingredients to "Help relieve the symptoms of all flu to include Swine Flu and Bird Flu." The formulation uses the same plant extracts as the Tammie Flu capsules, Star anise, star aniseed, + another herbal extract known to help, "extract of elderberry".
As an appetiser, for example, passengers in Swiss First will be served trout with watercress and celery, followed by a first course of scallops with cauliflower, ginger and star aniseed. The main course stars a duo of beef with potato mousseline, endives, Gruy[R]re cheese and fig coffee.
In France, he says, the aperitif of choice is Ricard, a pastis distilled from star aniseed, licorice and Provencal herbs.
In Love Again Jasmin Etoile (pounds 36.50) is packed full of feel-good ingredients such as tangerine, blackcurrant, star aniseed and vanilla.
Dive into the heady aromas of musk water, gooseberry, star aniseed, orange, may rose, intense freesias and vetiver - in what combines to make a stunning and surprisingly sophisticated statement.