star aniseed

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anise-scented star-shaped fruit or seed used in Asian cooking and medicine

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The formulation uses the same plant extracts as the Tammie Flu capsules, Star anise, star aniseed, + another herbal extract known to help, "extract of elderberry".
As an appetiser, for example, passengers in Swiss First will be served trout with watercress and celery, followed by a first course of scallops with cauliflower, ginger and star aniseed.
In France, he says, the aperitif of choice is Ricard, a pastis distilled from star aniseed, licorice and Provencal herbs.
50) is packed full of feel-good ingredients such as tangerine, blackcurrant, star aniseed and vanilla.
Dive into the heady aromas of musk water, gooseberry, star aniseed, orange, may rose, intense freesias and vetiver - in what combines to make a stunning and surprisingly sophisticated statement.