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a hand-held machine for driving staples home

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Arrow, based in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, is a manufacturer of staple guns and heavy duty staples in North America.
Step 3: Pull the fabric tight and using the staple gun, staple the first horizontal piece of fabric to the pallet.
A wiry man with a long face and unruly long hair he pulls back in a ponytail, he carried his props on stage in a plain black suitcase, and executed his tricks using just a table, two chairs, a deck of cards and a set of staple guns.
Caretaker Rex soon shuffles onto the stage complete with flat cap, overall and bandaged eye following an accident with a staple gun.
Disturbing If holiday hotspots like Portugal, Spain or Greece need a mean shot with a staple gun - I have the transferable skill.
It's like a staple gun, which shoots a tiny but very strong "Takk" into the wall for hanging pictures, mirrors, in fact anything weighing up to 10kg.
It's like a staple gun which shoots a tiny but very strong "Takk" into the wall for hanging pictures, mirrors, in fact anything weighing up to 10kg.
alexillustrator: Everyone reloads their staple gun with the methodical precision and confidence of the assassin assembling his rifle, right?
Tools, staple gun and ammo are convenient in the top section.
For your wall, you'll need a roll of matting, lattice strips (enough to span the width of the wall twice), a staple gun, masonry anchors, screws, and finish washers.
The T50 elite[TM] features patented drive technology that enables the user to set a staple or nail on virtually any surface and has 50 percent more power than the T50[R] staple gun.
Recently, I read a description of modern striker-fired handguns as being like staple guns: You squeeze the staple gun trigger or handle, which cocks the staple-striking bar and also releases the striker at the end of the stroke.
You'll also need a box of stainless steel staples and a staple gun.
When the laptop connected to the device indicates which number to use, the PLC reads it and makes the move, a rather attention-getting turn that sounds like a large staple gun hard at work.
The Takker is a simple device, similar to a staple gun, which inserts a tiny but remarkably strong nail into walls made from plaster board, wood, fencing, and concrete block.