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Synonyms for standoffishness

a disposition to be distant and unsympathetic in manner

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I think my professionalism is sometimes misinterpreted as standoffishness," she said.
Yost said, but the standoffishness ends with an introduction.
Even Vajpayee never ran the risk of agreeing to PSI participation, so a certain standoffishness on Singh's part is natural in light of domestic politics.
These buyers say content had nothing to do with their standoffishness, but this edition of "Survivor: Cook Islands" ignited blasts of criticism from politicians and interest groups upset with the show's breaking down the four rival teams according to race.
With her reputation for standoffishness, she and Sylvanus make an odd pair and when three pregnancies and three dead babies occur, she becomes even more reclusive.
Much of the standoffishness of Nineteenth Century Lutheranism was a belief that Lutheran doctrine was superior to the theology of Anglo-American evangelical Protestantism, id.
While an impenetrable wall has been erected around football's biggest names ( breeding a growing culture of standoffishness and aloof disassociation ( in golf the players could not be more open and it was refreshing to experience for those more used to following the so-called beautiful game.
Schwarzenegger's standoffishness should come as little surprise.
I think his standoffishness may possibly have something to do with the fact that I took him to the vet this week.
Mr Michel expressed his disappointment to Europe Information regarding the member states standoffishness, arguing that it contradicts their repeated declarations in favour of development.
Judgmental attitudes, standoffishness and exclusion are other things he balks at--characteristics Dunn calls "the antithesis of what Christianity should be about.
Casual in dress and affable with all ranks, he had none of the standoffishness usually associated with his class.
Russia's standoffishness is problematic not only because it fuels concerns that this party to the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions is illegally manufacturing the very types o farms that American tax dollars are intended to neutralize, or because some 200 nuclear and biological caches may not be secure.
Josh Gaffga and Brian Robinson matched the women's standoffishness as Lysander and Demetrius, though the two men at least delivered their lines distinctly, with some gusto and with effective pacing.
But he also had human failings and could at times justifiably be accused of vanity, stubbornness, bad temper and standoffishness.