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Synonyms for standoffish

Synonyms for standoffish

lacking cordiality


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And if you're real standoffish with people, then for some reason it causes more of a frenzy than if you're just cool and, y'know, normal.
Also in cliche corner is the smart but standoffish nice girl, and the geeky student who has a few surprises up her sleeve.
Their results demonstrate the complementary, standoffish nature of electrons, one of the lighter members of the fermion clan, which also includes protons and neutrons.
But the men, who had little understanding of office automation and a macho aversion to typewriter keyboards, peered in a standoffish way and asked, `Oh, can it do that?
Analysts are staying standoffish with many struggling drug companies these days, including Cell Genesys (NASDAQ: CEGE) and Integra LifeSciences (NASDAQ: IART), just to name a couple.
if ne ad I'm sure you're a great person, but I think you're probably painfully shy and, often, shy people do come across as cold or standoffish because they take longer to relax around people.
For the moment, however, analysts remain standoffish for most companies in this space, and investors may want to wait for rising earnings estimates before adding or deepening a RDC position.
My friends wives are being standoffish with her & I don't know what to do.
But as evidence mounts that standoffish dad Will (Michael Vartan) does not appreciate his fortunate home as much as Sy figures he should, the developer loses his tight but tenuous grip, and determines to teach the ungrateful family man a lesson.
Coleman feels his seemingly standoffish dad wouldn't like "Slaw," the cool, funny guy he is when he's away from home.
He wasn't a standoffish superstar in his Ferrari, he'd play golf and tell you stories and he had a great sense of humour.
Expecting to find standoffish Hollywood types, the Brinos were surprised at the set's family-like atmosphere.
While he's quickly smitten when - you guessed it - he sees her boobs during a medical exam, she's cool and standoffish, afraid of letting anyone get close.
Once a mainstay of Valley gardens, the juniper has fallen out of favor over the years due to its lack of flowers and, in the opinion of some, prickly and standoffish character.