standing order

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a rule of order permanently in force

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There are 2,840 pharmacies with controlled substance licenses in Michigan, so the number registered to dispense naloxone under the standing order represents approximately 54 percent of the pharmacies in the state.
However, only 30% of physicians use standing orders in their practices.
The second major time saving is through standing orders that a staff member can perform and that are automatically flagged for appropriate patients.
Develop a standing order policy that institutionalized the immunization rule as a decision support tool for assessing patient immunization need and empowered medical assistants to administer vaccines based on that assessment without a provider order.
When used judiciously, standing orders are a very efficient and effective tool in the hands of healthcare providers.
Bank of Scotland and Halifax forego unpaid standing order or direct debit fees on their Youth accounts, along with HSBC's Premier account.
A ship's standing orders called for the OOD or XO to brief he CO anytime he walked on 17 the bridge, but that didn't happen.
Average fees on unpaid cheques, standing orders and direct debits have risen by up to a third over the past two years, according to MoneyExpert.
Fees are regularly paid on transactions such as lodgements, whereas charges are imposed on one-off services such as setting up a standing order.
Online bank first-e has added a standing order facility to its current account.
And she didn't stop the standing order at her bank.
Blackwell North America's extensive Standing Order database will be added to New Titles Online (NTO) during the first quarter of 1995.
Managing Standing Order Files: An AskSam Application
Pursuant to standing order 173, it is also the parliamentary party that sponsored a Member to Parliament that has the mandate to nominate a member to a committee.
that would reinstate a bipartisan standing order adopted in 2013 to reduce the amount of post cloture debate on some nominations.
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