standing operating procedure

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a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely

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Other key responsibilities include representing component force commanders and providing advice and expertise on standing operating procedures, tactics, and processes.
Competing units are expected to develop and refine their programs by re-writing standing operating procedures, delegating additional duties, conducting extensive maintenance training, and maintaining their equipment through preventative maintenance checks and services.
The HROB let Soldiers know about available HR support through a variety of means, such as flyers, articles, public service announcements, standing operating procedures, social networks, and websites.
This required standing operating procedures, a constant state of unit readiness in fiscal year 2011, and well-rehearsed drills.
The FMI serves as an authoritative reference for developing training, standing operating procedures, and tactics, techniques, and procedures for unit operations.
Our department's partnership with Springfield Fire & Life Safety, in particular, has developed to the point that we share metrowide standing operating procedures, common field terminology and a single station and apparatus numbering system.
All 11 ABCS core systems will be tested under realistic operational conditions with trained operators using the unit's standing operating procedures (SOPs) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).
car accident, gunshot wound, fragmentation wound) with standing operating procedures (SOPs) that are common to all hospitals.
The reasons for this endorsement are NCPDP is an ANSI accredited organization, they have the infrastructure to support being named as an operating rule entity without any changes to their Bylaws or Standing Operating Procedures, many of their members use the ASC X12 standards, and since the first set of rules will focus on eligibility and claim status which have moved to a primarily real-time environment, NCPDP wrote the book on real-time healthcare data exchanges.
Notwithstanding the Naval Chief's resignation, experts opine that it is the Indian Political leadership in pursuit of its expansionist designs that forces its armed forces to take risks which otherwise are permitted as per the standing operating procedures.
Adjacent R&S units can also provide training on the fundamentals of R&S tactics, techniques, and procedures and guidance on standing operating procedures that complement manpower.
Operationalization of recently concluded agreement on Tripartite Border Standing Operating Procedures was also discussed in detail.
We were afforded opportunities to perform joint missions with our combat arms counterparts, which allowed us to incorporate their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) and standing operating procedures (SOPs) into our agenda.
1) These individuals develop unit standing operating procedures (SOPs) and conduct new operator and refresher training when the fielding process is complete.
To combat this, a company has to employ different techniques that differ from the normal standing operating procedures (SOPs) of conducting VCPs.