standing operating procedure

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a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely

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Feedback guided changes to headquarters design and helped refine standing operating procedures and information and workflow models.
4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Vanguard) tactical standing operating procedure.
ISLAMABAD -- A new Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) has been issued for security of educational institutions of Islamabad following which two or three weapon licenses would be issued to them.
Does the platoon have a standing operating procedure (SOP)?
A combat service support unit must develop a comprehensive convoy standing operating procedure (SOP) that clearly states what is to be done, when, and by whom.
A well-developed standing operating procedure (SOP) is an important tool for teaching proper slingload procedures.
He said that under the Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for the fire season, 225 kilometres fireline and 196 kilometres trial-path have been cleared.
The Committee proposed Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for the issuance of Arms Licences to the genuine persons and avoid malpractice.
The petitioners have also questioned the ability of NDMA and PDMA for handling air crash incidents and have asked the court to direct the two authorities to formulate standing operating procedures for rescue services in cases of air crashed.
He said the zoo was not being maintained as per the standing operating procedures.
A lot of material was recovered from these fidayeen camps, suggesting Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) on drills of continuously switching the location for the purpose of security, organization under Rahbars (guides), instruction on the strength of each camp that varied from 30-35 fidayeen, procedure of coming in and out and guards on each camp.
Shri Rajnath Singh also launched the Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the enforcement of legal framework against child labour.
Logistics Soldiers follow standing operating procedures, policies, and Army regulations (ARs) taught to them by supply and motor sergeants.
PESHAWAR -- Pakistan TehreeK- e -Insaf Election Commission held one day training for District, Regional and Provincial Election Coordinators regarding the Standing Operating Procedures and Eligibility Criteria for candidates in the upcoming intraparty elections.